The Red Bull LED Wakeboard Photoshoot

A few years ago I set out to do something I had never seen done with my own wakeboard studio shoot. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Patrick Rochon's unique take on the sport for this year's Red Bull's Illume contest. The behind the scenes video speaks for itself and the resulting light painting photographs are pretty interesting. Check out a few of the outtake photos below (the best images are with held until the contest is over), and if you enjoy shooting extreme sports from a unique angle definitely consider submitting to Red Bull's Illume contest before the end of the month. Illume is one of the best visual presentations of extreme sports photography I've ever seen and there is no doubt the 2013 exhibit is going to be amazing (hint hint, Red Bull, bring it back to Charleston!)

wakeboard light painting led 1

wakeboard light painting led 2

wakeboard light painting led 3

wakeboard light painting led 4

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Lorenzo P's picture

absolutely amazing!!

Usually I'm in awe when I see these Red Bull videos, but I was a little disappointed with this one. Even the stills weren't as spectacular as I have come to expect from these productions.

This shoot just gives off the "Hey look what I can do" vide that you'd usually expect from a teenager who just learned about this technique.

Surely Red Bull could have produced something better

Yeah, I'm not terribly impressed either.

Great idea, but shoots not so great ! :-/

As a skateboard/wakeskate photographer we have a few rules to photos.......1 show the whole story of the trick....where they took off, what they are doing in the air, and where they will land. 2 Make the rider look like a boss. 3 make the photo look good...................................

I dont think the photographer did any of these.

I hate shots of people just flying in the air with out showing the ground/ water.....looks like a newspaper photographer took them.

well nevermind they did show where the ride was hahah lolollolo

Great Concept, but poor execution.......