Contest Entry: Lorand Peli Puts Models On Lava

Ok, not REALLY, but that was the concept for the shoot. I like this BTSV for 2 reasons. First, he has a concept. So many photographers just take headshots of girls and forget about coming up with any sort of idea or theme for the pictures. Lorand Peli planned this shoot out before he ever started and it shows. The second reason I really like this video is because the finished pictures are high quality. I have seen a few contest submissions where the concept is fantastic but the finished product falls short. Enjoy this BTSV while trying not to feel dirty with all of the "interesting camera angles."

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Nice Lorand, the final images are pretty cool. I like how you show the photoshop progressions. Sweet idea.

Give it to him! lol. great video! shot with a wallet friendly d80(my first slr) and great post work!

Nice photoshoot, good job ! The romanians can make a pretty cool job! :)

Amazing final images! Loved that he shot it with a D80 with the kit lens!

Well well conceived and done. I love the idea, location, lighting and the finial photos. You have inspired me to come up with something out of my comfort zone. Thanks again and keep up the GREAT work.

I agree, this is by a large margin the winner so far. Great images, lots of information, even without much commentary.

Thank you all guys (and girls). As I said on the fstoppers forum, I'm NOT a professional photographer and I guess that I should have mentioned that, becouse anyone can do what I did.

For me the final image is easily the winner but a screen grab video in PS with commentary was really needed to show all the stages of post production seeing that the main aim of this contest is to show good info about the BTS on set/location and in post.

The step from "play with tones" to "add some red spots" is major. There is virtually zero detail in the dress at "play with tones" and then at "add some red spots" we see all loads of texture in the dress.

It's still one of the best five done so far.

Turned out pretty great. Surprised it didn't look fake or silly. Good concept and execution.

excellent work. I appreciate that he took the time to explain his post-production process. In fact, I'd like to see much more of this because it's often what separates a well composed photo with a GREAT photo.


The retouching on the body (in the "intro" photo) was a bit much, but other than that, great job! Love the video.

Hi guys, great work with this vid, absolutely amazing!!.
Just a question: How did you get the smoke?, I saw you use something but I don´t know what it is.

Great work Lorando! I think Robert summed up my feelings perfectly. I think these images are some of the best. I would have loved to see more detail in the video, especially surrounding the Photoshop work, but fantastic results with the budget conscious equipment (kit lens...WHAT)!

Having watched all of these videos, my hope is that the kit ends up with someone who can truly use an upgrade rather than someone with a Chase Jarvis sized room of equipment at their disposal!

Great job by these guys! Keeping things simple and just using strobies instead of expensive gear. Cool results at the end!

This is just damn good!! I love the resulting images. Thanks for posting this.

@hsh0t that was awesome

What I like about this BTS particularly is that it continues to demonstrate that it's the skill of the photographer, not the price of the equipment that makes a great photo. Sure there are features of professional level cameras that blow consumer ones away, but without the expertise person behind the camera they're useless.

I call foul on using hot Romanian models to hypnotize the predominantly-male audience in your favor.

Haha, but really, GREAT final images! The photo-manipulation with the lava is fantastic!

"There is virtually zero detail in the dress at “play with tones” and then at “add some red spots” we see all loads of texture in the dress."

@Robert: I didn`t thought that was an issue becouse I have exported the image from the raw file again, with different exposure settings, put it on another layer and masked the details from the dress. It wasn`t a big deal. But you are right, I could have include that too in the video.

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Excellent video and concept. Si foarte frumoase modele!!!

Captivating post processing too, wish we could've seen more of the photos at different stages but the final results look compelling.

this proves that IT*S NOT THE CAMERA, IT*S THE VISION :)

I have to agree with all the other guys, great shoot, not an expensive lighting set-up and a prosumer camera with a.............kit lens! With a great vision/concept comes great images. Hats off to the guy.

good photoshop work too.

What an excellent use of an average priced camera and a few flashes. Very inspiring for the masses of amateurs out there with late model/entry level equipment.

This is great!!!

This proves that experience really matters, not camera or lenses...

very .. well .. doneeeeeeeeeeeee :)