Great Way To Improve Your Street Photography

French photog, Philippe Echaroux, has really gone above and beyond with his guerrilla style street portraits. In this video he hits the streets with 4 crew members and made this short video of how he approaches strangers, gives them a quick description of what he's doing. If they want to take part, Philippe then signals his crew and they very quickly style the subject, light them and even throw up a nice background on a stick. The images turn out really nice, and I would love to see more people thinking bigger and more outside the box like, Mr. Echaroux, when it comes to street shots. Enjoy! via Strobist

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Sounds great if you have a crew! 

Jesi you don't need a crew to photograph people on the street like this. I did kinda the same thing: stop random strangers on the street, take them to the closest non-descript blank wall in the shade and snap some pics. Sure, with a stylist, lighting etc it turns out way better but it's fun nonetheless.

yep ask 39 and one will do it.....

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Welcome to street photography, mate. I was shooting business workers in NYC for my finals two days ago. I was mostly shooting service workers/persons with poor English skills. My yes to no ratio sucked hard, but I made the yes's count. 

Phil, seriously? I think like 80% of the people I asked actually said yes. The ones that said no were usually older people, I think because they're kind of scared of modern technology and social media, they're afraid what may happen to the pictures I take. Not judging BTW.
It's all in your appearance and how you approach them. I would tell people I was doing an assignment for school where I had to photograph strangers in the street. I was really just doing it for fun and the experience, but I think a small lie like that is justified as long as you're not abusing the trust of the persons.

Bram, I agree. I mean, with a softbox, etc. You would definitely need a crew. Of course you could get the same quality with a good eye, backdrop and luck in lighting. 

Jesi, the shade is your friend :) Sure, the lighting isn't exciting, but it's so incredibly easy and just fine if the person looks interesting themselves.

damn, i want digital back. and quadro :)

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ok so ,
street photography that looks like studio photographs.
But you run around the streets with all that expensive equipment...
Glad it works out for him.


 people run around the street all the time with expensive gear like that for locations shoots... only difference here is the models are found on location too. like anything you do, you just have to use common sense on what locations you choose.

yeah well because i run around with 3 people helping me when doing "street photography"... bollocks.

You may not but this guy does.
The video is not a 3D mockup; they ARE doing street photography with 3 people.

Looks like amazing locations destroyed by too much gear. simply stupid.

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*guerrilla, not gorilla.
*throw, not through.