Merry Christmas From The Jersey Shore

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day and even got a few new toys to play around with. Lee and I are currently both back home with our families as many of you are yourself. So instead of going all out with a really in-depth video I figured I'd share something a little less serious that you may find amusing. The new season of Jersey Shore is coming out in Jan and MTv just released a new BTS video to promote it. My question to you is "If you had to photograph the entire cast of Jersey Shore, what would you do?"

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Tied everyone of this SH*T "show" and drawn them into the Hudson River, so they can die seeing the most beautiful view of the world ... NYC.
I'm not THAT bad, am I?

Hard to tell but the first thing that came to my mind was - church quire or maybe assisting elderly... type of scene. Definitely something with Sarah Palin.

Not sure I'd be interested in photographing that crew, but I sure wouldn't mind shooting them all.

Garrett Byrum's picture

i would put them in front of a firing squad and shoot them haha get it...shoot them. ZINGGG

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This video just ruined Christmas. Don't worry guys. The next FS Original is coming out Sunday at midnight, and it's a good one.

OK so the video is only available to those in the USA, copyright and all that jazz. Luckily there's ways around such things ;)

Jon Schanz's picture

I would, but I would charge them enough to buy a month's supply of Comet, so I can scrub the douche off of me. And then I'd tack on punitive damages for pain and suffering.

I'm so glad I don't have a TV at home... Please fstoppers don't do this again! My eyes and ears still bleed...

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I live to close to this. Merry Christmas dudes. The cold has followed me to Texas.....

Wow I learned alot about how to light overly tanned semi attractive Merry X-mas... And if you got a bunch of new gear for X-mas go suprise a local high school photo student with that old body and kit lens. Its not about what you get its what you give back!

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I guess I should just not tell anyone that I enjoy watching this show...are they losers? Yes! Is it cheap fun comedy? Yes :)

@ Patrick: I watch the show too. It's like watching a highly enjoyable trainwreck. Once you think the train is down for the count it just keeps moving a long albeit at a slower pace. It makes you anticipate the speed of the next collision.

If I had to shoot them in a given situation I would do the opposite of what they are used to. Have them dress up and suites and getting laid, because you know that isn't happening. At least...not by humans....

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I would love to photograph them doing real jobs - possibly things they would have to do if it wasn't for this travesty of a TV show. No make up, no hair, no wardrobe. Perhaps working on the back of a garbage truck, being a cashier at a grocery store, or maybe even handing out food at a soup kitchen. If only for a second, it would be nice if these kids got a dose of actual 'reality'.

it's much more enjoyable if you mute the audio.

Have you guys seen south park episode 1409 "It's a jersey thing"?
I'm from europe and the first thing that came to my mind watching this was "wow... southpark was right!"