[Video] How Many Lights Do You Need To Light A Delivery Truck?

A few weeks ago, commercial photographer Jay P Morgan showed us how to balance strobe light with ambient light on a large 18 wheeler (which involved closing down a California highway on ramp). In this video Jay is shooting a lifestyle image for Pilot Freight Services which requires him to light a large outdoor areas with studio lighting. The answer to the question in the title could probably be "one light," but using one strobe on a commercial shoot is not only going to produce a less than perfect image, it is also going to look unprofessional from the eyes of the art director. When photographing large advertising campaigns, I've learned that giving your clients that "wow" experience is perhaps even more important that the actual final image so don't underestimate the saying under promise and over deliver. What is great about this photoshoot is that even if you don't shoot large campaigns like this on a daily basis, it should still force you to think why certain lights are needed, and more importantly, ask what you yourself would do if this was your hired job.

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Every single one of Jay P Morgan's BTS lighting videos is kickass. I love how he talks about every single light and how it adds to the photograph. Super insightful. All his videos are worth featuring here.

AMAZING!!!! i downloaded that iPhone app INSTANTLY... it's actually called Sun Seeker.. not Sun Secrets.

yeah i liked the video a lot - not quite sure how 2.3 stars fit into the comments section.... maybe when i have my media studies degree i'll know more. probably not. but maybe.

(bumped that rating for ya :D )

Pretty low rating on this video. Can I ask what those who don't like it think?

My strobe was fine, but my assistant was fired!

I am sure it was joke, but I would fire assistant for knocking over my equipment ;)

Yes just a joke. He has been with me for 15+ years. One time he dropped my Hasselblad with a wide angle lens off a platform in the ceiling and it landed on the concrete floor. The light on this shoot was nothing. Things happen on shoots, especially when we are moving heavy items fast. Things get broken at times.

That's why we have insurance! ;)

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Awesome video, like always... But he sounded like a real d*** for the comment about firing his assistant.