FishLove Works To Promote Sustainable Fishing By Posing Celebs With Fish (Totally Naked)

FishLove Works To Promote Sustainable Fishing By Posing Celebs With Fish (Totally Naked)

In an effort to raise awareness of overfishing in the Atlantic Ocean, a coalition of photographers in Europe came together to work on a project known as FishLove. By showing how much these celebs love fish (enough to get naked with them!) they're hoping to bring attention to the plight of many overfished species. While the photos are certainly attention grabbing, I think I much would have preferred video of naked celebrities trying to pose with live fish. In case you were wondering, this post is definitely NSFW and, while I'm at it, not safe for schools, either.

For more information about the campaign and to see more images, head over to the FishLove website.

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and how many tropical endangered fish did they kill for this mediocre photoshoot?

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Did Rankin take these?


I wonder how the call for models went. "We're looking for someone to cover their boobs with starfish and lay octopus over their bellies" doesn't sound very appealing.

"By showing how much these celebs love fish (enough to get naked with them!)"
I'm sorry? The fish are presumably dead or dying. From a wildlife preservation standpoint, this is horrific. If FishLove wanted to show how much actors and actresses loved these fish they should have shown them swimming with the fish or blowing up fishing boats. This is Ignorant and in very poor taste.

Maybe go to the website and read what this organization is about before making a comment. They seem to be doing some fantastic work.

These are bad photographs. 

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By what metric? I'd love to hear this. To me, they do what they are intended, and have a unifying concept, something which can't be said for 99% of all work done by photographers today. They set out what they accomplish to do, which is raise awareness for this cause. In which case I'd say that they are in fact very good photographs. You can't simply not like a photo and say that it's bad - would these be bad photos for advertising a hair product? yes. Or for a children's book? Of course. But for what they set out to do, I'd say they are very good photographs.

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these photographs are technically sound, visually pleasing, and better than anything Alex Bergman has ever produced.

I think this one might be better than all of the ones posted. This is from the background of their main website page.

Whatup with all the haters? Pictures are good (not ground-breaking or extremely innovative) and they work for the purpose for which they were shot. Nice concept.

I remember covering a court case a while back about a man that loved squid a little too much:

Tee hee.

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How the F' do we know if the fish aren't just amazingly done up latex replicas?  It's common practice to make fake fish in the taxidermy trade for anglers who catch a big one but release them.

Besides, I'm not quite sure all these people would feel that comfortable having a live squid draped all over them.