Adobe's CEO Deftly Dodges Questions About Unfair Pricing

The Verge and Gizmodo have featured a video found on Youtube that shows Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen, masterfully avoiding answering a very direct question: "How can Adobe justify selling the Creative Suite for $1400 more in Australia than in the United States?" Rather than talking about the pricing of the Creative Suite, Narayen continually deflects to the Creative Cloud.

Now, I love the Creative Cloud. I think it's insanely useful and with the release of the new teams aspect, it rocks even more. However, not everyone may want the Creative Cloud, and watching Narayen deflect away from a question repeatedly just looks straight shady. I understand the desire to not answer the question, but this can't be good for Adobe's image in Australia.

[Via Gizmodo via The Verge]

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Also note the expressions on the face of the guy standing behind Shanthanu. Especially during the second set of questions. I wont be surprised if someone remasters this with some thought bubbles.

Wow talk about dodging the question. I'm really surprised he didn't stop him from his cloud ramble and asked him to point blank answer the question.

 That would be considered rude, so he let the man finish what he was saying (which is the best way to go in my opinion) he didn't have to point out that he was avoiding the question, I think it is evident in this video and sends a very negative image about their company.

Q: Now that you won the super bowl, what are you going to do?

A: When we think about the Creative Cloud, we feel that is the best offering to our fans. 

Q: What does 2+2 equal?

A: When we think about the Creative Cloud, we feel that is the best offering to our fans.

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From what I've read, technology and software as a whole is usually about 50-100% more than the US in Australia due to a drop and then rise in the value of their money. The value in their currency went back up but the prices never went back down.

Pretty much nailed it on the head Lee... The Australian Government’s IT Pricing Inquiry has issued subpoenas to Apple, Adobe and Microsoft to appear in court for questioning on why prices are higher in Australia compared to other markets.
Will be an interesting outcome once reached...

It fits with what I experienced with Adobe customer service lately. And as owner of several perpetual licenses (and therefore paying in advance!) the recent upgrades which are reserved for cloud users are like a slap in the face. Prices are also massively higher in Switzerland, even for the identical, english language dowload product.

I agree it's a PR nightmare. He should have just answered the question rather than deflecting it. Hello Coral Painter.

According to Adobe, $49.99 is equal to 61.49 Euros...

 yeah, that's pretty common with american companies...

This guy is almost as good as Obama.
So client from Australia should login to Adobe web via proxy in US and pay the US price.

shut up ugly man..... he is like g.w. bush..... a moron.. a monkey....

Photoshop Extended: US = 999 USD, Germany = 1366 Euro (~1823 USD). Even when taking higher taxes into account, this price is insane. And yes, Adobe tells us that the UI and help documents needed to be translated.

1226,00€ on