Amir Valinia Shoots A Music Video With The iPhone

Yes, this has been done before; but never this big. Amir took things up a few notches by shooting Paul Wall's new video "I Need Mo" featuring Travis Barker. I hope that Amir gives this another shot now that the iPhone 4 is out. The video quality is stunning on the new phone.

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Does anyone else find this truly annoying?

Check the title at 01:24. Swisha House "Recrods". Seriously? I thought it was an intentional misspelling to be all "dope" an shit. Apparently though, it's just a plain old typo. That is pretty sad. Or should I say "sda".

Technically good, but you have to like the end result. I don´t.

Please don't turn your web into a another gizmodo whore hitting extravaganza.. We know it gets the hits but please, Lee and the team, don't sell us out for this iphone crap..

I dont know what the previous commenters are talking about. Im impressed with the result having filmed using a 3GS only... and in the BTS video i like the mention of having to use variou optical lenses attached to the 3GS in order to maintain focus and perspective.

I mean - the music is not my style and nor is the video - but the BTS, equipment used and the end result are still definitely worth watching (which is why im here - not the music) lol.

I wonder how they are gonna use this video if they ever have to broadcast it though (think - MTV) - i imagine this would be crazy mad pixellated once you blew it up to broadcast resolution...

I had no idea that shooting videos with the iPhone was anything more than a novelty. I quite like the video. It suits the song. And it proves you don't need the best camera. Just great editing software.

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Simon, this will not become an iPhone website. Trust me, that is the last thing we went. The director of this video personally sent it to me and I do think it is a good BTS video. Whether you like the concept or not, there is a lot to be learned from it.

Seriously guys? Nothing constructive to say? You can't even appreciate the innovation and balls it takes to shoot a music video with one of the worst cameras in the world? Go somewhere else with that trashtalk, I don't like the subject matter either, but that's not the point.