Atomos Announces the "Shogun" for Recording 4K from the a7S

Atomos Announces the "Shogun" for Recording 4K from the a7S

Just after the Sony a7S announcement, Atomos has already announced a 4K recorder for use with the new video & low-light monster. The new Atomos Shogun can handle the full uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2 video right out of camera. Just like the Atomos Samurai and Ninja Blade, the Shogun allows for 422 10-bit images straight off the camera recorded right to SSD (or RAIDed HDD) in 4K HD ProRes, Avid DNxHD, or RAW Cinema DNG.


“Shogun is the culmination of everything we stand for, amazing edit codec’s from the sensor like 4K ProRes and RAW Cinema DNG. Affordable 4K recording through Raided HDD’s and SSD’s and unbelievable custom panels for monitoring”. said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “Super light and slim and at a price point under 2K. We offer a faster more affordable camera to timeline workflow with revolutionary 4K cameras from Sony, Panasonic and Canon.”

The Shogun is expected to ship late in Q3 for less than $2,000 (possibly making the a7S and Shogun the cheapest high-quality 4K video setup out there).

[Via PopPhoto, Cinema5D, & EOS HD]

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"possibly making the a7S and Shogun the cheapest 4K video setup out there" ... Ummm, what about the GH4? It's HDMI out is true DCI 4k @ 10bit 4:2:2.

The GH4 doesn't have a full frame sensor, super-high ISO, and 120fps HD. Even if the A7s/Atmos combo costs more, it's a much better setup - if it can all deliver. I doubt Sony's gonna drop the ball here however. After all, it's Sony, not Black Magic...

No doubt the A7s will be a great camera, and the low light leader...I just wonder why the article says this will be the cheapest 4K set-up, when the GH4 and Shogun are also a great pair, and cost about the same or less.

Although I think this is all really great news, why are you guys not covering the AJA camera? 4:4:4 12-bit video in a self-contained camcorder guys:

I know that technology is now moving faster than "Moores Law". I also understand the necessity for the "top of the line Professionals" to push for the very best. However...

IMHO, my Atomos Ninja 2 in conjunction with my D4 @ 2.7 crop using the HDMI straight out (no cards in the DSLR), and using ProRes 4.2.2 HQ, gives "tack sharp" results that have been praised by clients as well as friends. I use Premiere Pro, PluralEyes3, After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Speedgrade, and Encore. When compressed to a Blu Ray the result is, to normal eye, breathtaking . And those are not my words.

I am a technology junkie. I love it all. But there are times when you have to draw a line and say, "Look what I can do with this and that and education is all that I am using.?"

Is this a great leap forward? Probably yes. And hurrah. But My little Ninja 2 can still hold its own for a very decent result.