Biggest Water Balloon Ever Popped In Slow Mo

We all like seeing things in super slow motion right? Well I have just been turned on to "The Slow Mo Guys". These guys have a Youtube channel totally dedicated to showing things happening in super slow motion and in this video they create and eventually pop the largest water balloon I have ever seen. This video is not informative in any way but it's still fun to watch.

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If there was a Behind the Scene on this, it would have been nice to explain:
Which Camera were they using
What FPS
Which software was used for editing and slow motion and how it was done :)

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Phantom Flex I believe... I'm more interested to know what type of alien material can withstand that type of pressure

Phantom HD Gold 1000 fps at 1920 x 1080 ,1500 fps at 1280 x 720. They spared no expense for youtube videos apparently :)

I'm not going to spend 10k for having fun in my backyard :)

That was so close... they almost had a slow motion video of someone doing a front flip and fracturing his spine!

I would like to see how much damage this would do when dropped on say a car.

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i think discovery channel has done it before in one of their programs which i cant remember the title haha

LOL, where do I get one of those balloons!?!

Now that's a BALLOON!!! Well done guys :)