[BTS] Dave Hill Switches To The Sony NEX To Reinterpret Spiderman

[BTS] Dave Hill Switches To The Sony NEX To Reinterpret Spiderman

There is no doubt that Dave Hill is a well known name in the photography community. With his recent collaboration with Sony, here's a behind the scenes look of him switching to the Sony NEX camera system for a reinterpretation of Spiderman. Do you feel that mirrorless is a feasible alternative for the way cameras are headed? 

[Via ISO1200]

From Pratik:

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Joop van Roy's picture

Frankly it's ridiculous. The only reason you would use a Sony NEX on a commercial shoot is if you were paid by Sony to do so. What are they trying to prove here?

Because you are absolutely right. There's no marketing trick to cover a real legit marketing here.
It's even on Sony channel.

But then again, what are you trying to prove? Do you think the result is not commercial enough?

Well hey, if it works it works right?!

He chooses a 5dmk2 over a Hasselblad (he said so himself) and given the way the shoots, I could see him using it. Its a camera that takes images. That's all you really need so try not to act too surprised that he can do the same thing he does with a 5dmk2, with a sony nex 5n.  I lets not even pretend like the nex 7 is not a good camera because it actually is.

Spider-Man not Spiderman

nice! :)

Does Sony's money stinks?!?

Can't view it, denied in my country

Wow! Well pals, Actually I happen to be a Sony Nex 5NK happy user. Lets say I don’t have the money for any other camera, but still I get nice results using it and have achieved some difficult and pro jobs with it. Please remember that only 10 years –no, wait– 5 years ago cameras lacked of many of the features they have today. You know, resolution, bigger and more accurate sensors and many other. If I did well back in the years with simple 35 millimeters films I can do great with my humble topnotch and tiny little badass SLR.
By the way, the guy is great at what he does, and is nice to see him working pretty fine with the same  camera I own. I also thing he does a great job with matte painting to achieve the results, thats like thousand hours of artistic work.

Greetings from Colombia.