[BTS Video] Go Behind The Scenes With Monday Night Football

If you are from the US, then chances are every Monday night your television is tuned into football. Monday Night Football is a cultural staple in North America and one of the largest traveling media productions around. ESPN sports announcer Mike Tirico (surely you recognize his voice) gives a great commentary to this slideshow of behind the scenes images as you get a tour throughout the entire Monday Night Football experience. Everything from the meetings, the cue cards, the commentary booth, the cameras, and the production trailers are included in this fun look into one of my own favorite sports (not sure what happened to the audio guys though). It's pretty incredible to see this circus of technology and then realize this whole team travels the entire country week in and week out.

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The technology used in the NFL is remarkable. This video is extremely special, because as a young kid Monday night was always MNF. Something to look forward to, and seeing HOW MNF happens, the thinking process its amazing.  I wish there was more info via video, behind the scenes.

Awesome. I've always wondered what goes on behind the scenes on big productions like that.

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Theres something wrong with my computer
and can't see the video ... only few pictures..

Seriously...why is this album even in the
competition ??

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this is just a slideshow of images with bts commentary.  What competition are you referring to?

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Behind the scene contest 

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If you only see pictures, there must be something wrong with your computer. You should try re-installing windows and if that doesn't work proceed to throw you computer out the window and go find a nice hole to live in.

This is what I do for a living as of right now. I Hope to be taking more photos and working in TV less.   I'm one of the audio guys. I setup all the audio gear in the stadium or arena.  like the announce booth, RF gear and EFX mics.  This slideshow is just a tiny look at the technical side of the broadcast.  I don't work on the Monday Night Football game unless it comes to Atlanta (where I live).  All of the technical crew are freelancers, so we work for all of the networks not just one.  In a week I could work a NBA, NHL, NFL game and maybe pickup a entertainment show at Turner Studios or some college basketball.  If any of the Fstopper guys wanted to make a real BTS video of a sports broadcast, let me know.

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Sam, put something together and I will personally post it!  Just make a video more interesting than this and it will be golden!

I'll see what I can do.  It might take a few months to get all of the footage because I'll only get to shoot in my free time.