[BTSV] Contest Entry: Drummer (the spirit of the Fstoppers)

These high school kids, Ersta, Christian and Marshall, embody the spirt of the Fstopper community. Only 17 years old, these three, got motivated, came up with a concept and made it happen. Can you say as much? We are down to the wire, so, get those contest entries in. NOW!

via [BehindtheScenesContest]
From Kenn:
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The final result is not bad, but I think that they didn't accomplished the starting goal: to 'capture' the sound.

Let's Go DSLR's picture

17? Are you sure? They look about 13.

Kenn Tam's picture

I was thinking... tighter shooting with something that had larger particulate.  Flour is so fine it just makes clouds.  But it's the process and the spirit of this BTS vid that made me like it.

Wow, we didn't think we would make it on the front page!

@marius, I think you're right. We could have definitely gotten a better result. The flour didn't co-operate as expected! Thanks for the feedback:)  
@Let's Go DSLR, I'm 17, marshal is 15 and Christian is 16! :)

wow... this does embody the fstoppers goal I think.... the entire photographic community is so open willing to share "secrets" so we all benefit in that knowledge.... young or old

good job guys

Man watching the final outro interview should be enough to make all you guys get out and produce something good with what you got!  What an awesome project!  And to think I was playing video games and destroying golf karts when I was 17....these guys are playing in bands and filming videos for their photoshoots!

Firstly, congrats on making something cool guys. Nice work. 
At that age the most productive thing I was doing was spending the days at the beach.
Its a good starting point, and Im sure you guys are gonna be making epic stuff if you carry on like this and with that good attitude!
If I could offer any suggestion for improvement on a situation like that- if you're working with one light, maybe try mounting the camera on a tripod after finding your final framing for the image, then use the one speedlite and softbox to light all the elements of the image frame by frame, then do what you did in your post with masking bits and parts in and out..  :) essentially 'light painting' the elements in the image bit by bit. 
Good luck with the contest!

Definitely a good suggestion. I was thinking this during the video!

Noam Galai's picture

Nice work! im not a big fan of shooting on a tripod - but i think in this specific case it could have helped them...

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Every comment really made me think about what we could improve in our next project! Hopefully when we aren't too busy at school we will produce some more videos.