[BTSV] Contest Entry: Personifying "The Four Elements"

A four piece photography shoot featuring the four elements; Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Photography: Ryan Doco Connors docofolio.com / Makeup: Dina Day dinaday.com / Videography: Brian Ceci brianceci.com / Music: Tobias Schuch tobiasschuch.com / Stylist: Alexa Kellee

It's a sad time indeed as we are no longer accepting submissions for BehindtheScenesContest but you can check out the contest entries here.

via [BehindtheScenesContest]
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Self crit: I know I mentioned Photoshop as being one of the keys but we ran out of time before our video guy had to go to Africa for another project. 

Sorry everyone <3 


Mike Hylandsson's picture

That was AWESOME.  I loved the images.  Vid was pretty fantastic, too!

Thank you :D

Sean Shimmel's picture

Far better than most super elaborate/expensive setups.

Keep up the vision.

Thanks! It's nice to keep it simple in my opinion. :)

Sean Shimmel's picture


And dramatic vision trumps $10,000 parabolic umbrellas any day :)

Nice project Ryan!
I only would like to know how a sb-600 can cover the apollo that is so big, while I knew that a flash like the sb-600 could cover at maximum an ezybox 30''. Do you put it with the parabole at 14mm? because at 24mm it cannot cover it..
a part this little curiosity great images!

Fired at anywhere from 1/10th - 1/4 power the softbox actually fills quite nicely I find @ 14mm. It can be a little sparse at times depending on how quickly the batteries are cycling but I've never run into any issue with a single SB600.

pretty good job done there (=

Chris R.'s picture

This was pretty amazing great work there. I hope this guy wins :D

Superb! The concept and BTS video were well executed and the outcome is a beautiful piece of work. Kudos to Ryan and his crew. 

Very powerful video!  Great work!