Dolby's Behind The Scenes Of The Snowboard Film The Art Of Flight

As I am writing this I am trying to fall asleep. I am supposed to be up in 4 hours to head off on a little snowboard adventure with some friends. Instead of sleeping though I am sitting around watching snowboard videos, smart move right? Anyway a buddy told me to check out this movie called The Art Of Flight on Netflix, and I can tell you this much, it doesn't disappoint. The cinematography is gorgeous, but they took it a step further, and really worked with the sound to make it a totally immersing experience. Check out this BTS on how they used Dolby 7.1 to enhance the sound of the film.

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Is that the actual movie at the end? If it is, why even bother with audio if you're just gonna paste annoying music on top of it?

Also love the irony of using GoPros for a Dolby production haha. Great filming though.

The also used the wrong sound for the planes and helicopters in the vid. Nonetheless its the best snowboarding video i've ever seen. Watched many times.

Don't even think about trashing this film until you've seen the whole thing. By far the most technologically progressive film ever and the greatest sports film of all time. 

The images and stories are unreal.

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FYI - there's a miniseries on Netflix called Art of Flight: The Series where it's all BTS on making that film. Totally worth wasting a whole evening watching it all!

Congratulations Fstoppers.

You've now resorted to posting videos that aren't available "free":

Way to go guys! Hot videos now too...

The fall of Fstoppers continues in 2013.

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I'm sorry, but this was found on Vimeo, and had no copyright associated with it. I found it in the public domain. I didn't bootleg anything for this.

"I found it on Vimeo" is not an excuse for posting a bootleg.

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This is made public by Dolby's graphics artist over a year ago.

This isn't a bootleg either, it's a demo for the audio for CES. The film is far longer than 7 minutes. What next you're going to accuse us when we post a BTS of a film or a trailer? Do you even know what a bootleg is? I'm sure Stefan and Dolby had permission to post this as a demo for their website and as an edit for CES 2012, but you can always ask them. 

I frankly wasn't all that impressed by the movie. Fantastic cinematography, to be sure, but a lot of folks hailed the movie as "groundbreaking." Why? Because it had a weak story, whereas other snowboarding videos didn't have a story? It just wasn't enough for me. 

Is the snowboarding skill amazing? Absolutely. Did a lot of work and skill go into filming it? You bet. Did I care in the end? Not a bit -- I actually found myself rooting for the mountains toward the end, rather than the main characters. It really felt like tagging along with a bunch of punks who like to break stuff in the name of being cool and hip.For what it's worth, I didn't find the BTS series very compelling either. I was hoping for some insight into WHY they made the movie, WHAT they were trying to say with the film, and HOW they went about achieving it. Instead, it just seemed like a transparent attempt to make a realty TV show, complete with manufactured conflicts.