Get A Free Lesson In Timelapse From Vincent Laforet

Get A Free Lesson In Timelapse From Vincent Laforet

DSLR Video pioneer Vincent Laforet partnered with Canon to create a 4 part instructional video series where he shares many great tips for getting started with shooting timelapse sequences. He takes viewers with him on a shoot in Bryce Canyon and explains his setup, and also goes in to detail on: finding a subject matter, lens selection, how to calculate properly to get enough frames, using intervalometers, and so much more. This is loaded with tons of great tips, a must watch if you do any timelapse work.

***UPDATE*** For some reason Canon deleted one of the videos and made the other private. If you go to Canon's DLC page here, you can see the videos. Click on the "Large View" to get a decent quality.

Here is the second video from the series, with the remaining two videos available on the Canon Digital Learning Center website.

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Part 1 and 2 are in 1080p on Youtube, part 3 and 4 are in an incredible LOW quality on canon's website... :(

I don't understand why they didn't upload the last two parts as well. Canon website is not that good to show honestly

Awesome tutorial, my only concern when doing timelapse on a D800, won't shooting in raw fill up the buffer faster than the camera can shoot?

Kyle Whitney's picture

No, at least mine doesn't.

why does canon still include no intervalometer option in their firmware when posting videos like this? :)

Have you seen the price on a TC-80? Canon is not in the business of giving stuff away for free!

the Nikon D300 had intervalometer in it

the magic lantern firmware does

Laforet also did a guest apperance on DigitalRev Protog/cheap camera series, and was amazing there - actually very informative despite the comical nature of the show.

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Holy fake lens flare.

Magic Lantern.
Intervalometer problem solved.

hi doe anyone know which manfrotto heads he used with his tripods? was it the 054 or 055 ball heads? just got the 055cxpro3 legs and not sure which head to go for..

The first video says it's removed by the user, and the second is marked as private :-(

They've all been moved to canons website. Low quality greatness -__-

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Ugh! Sorry about that everyone. The YouTube account appears to be an official Canon account, so I'm not sure why they got pulled. When you go to the DLC site ( click on "Large View" and the quality isn't so bad. I can't embed them, so sorry for the inconvenience on the homepage!

Am I the only one who is deeply depressed that Canon felt the need to have Vincent Laforest explain how to figure out how many you need for a 10 minutes movie at 24 fps? Is genereal public THAT mathematically challenged?

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Great tutorial... and it's free! Thanks for sharing.