GoPro's New WiFi BacPac Commercial Will Make You Smile

GoPro has become one of those companies like Redbull where everything they put out there is pretty cool. It has been fun seeing such a small startup become the industry leaders in tiny HD video cameras. With their new Wifi BacPac, GoPro gives users the ability to control their cameras through tablets like the iPad and smart phones. Unlike previous versions of the Hero, you can now control the shutter, camera modes, and other options with a simple remote. It's pretty amazing to see what this camera has become in just a few years. Rock on GoPro!

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36 GoPros in one place and they didn't do bullet time ? Wasted opportunity ;)

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exactly what i thought when i saw that. totally a wasted opportunity.

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 My thoughts exactly too.

I confess that I had to Google the "Bullet Time" to REMEMBER what you guys were talking about ...
IF THEY DID THAT it will be the worse thing (and wacky) ever!
It was already done! But what they are doing now, no. IMHO.

Exactly, hence the smiley in my original post. 
Having said that if I had that many cameras in one place and a trigger capable firing them simultaneously then I would be all over bullet time but I am not a creative pro making a promo vid.

If I was to do what they did in that video....I'd end up with a remote control in hand and no cameras

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beautifully deceptive

Sorry i'm dumb. Whats bullet time?? but pretty awesome video, I heart GoPro's. 

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Bullet time means the camera angle would change while the subject is frozen at a specific looks like the matrix shot with the bullets passing by

unless i'm mistaken, it looks like gopro has made a product where you can wirelessly monitor your camera live with an ipad for just $99... whereas if you want to do that with your dslr (for video), you have to invest $1500 in a Teradeck Cube.  if i'm not off base here, then kudos to gopro

Was the gopro's actually streaming live footage to his phone? And could this footage be used for streaming online?

Ok, thats it. I'm gonna start shooting skateboarding for real!