How Canada's Paralympics Created Their Amazing Ad

If you surf the web as much as me you've probably seen either the still image or the commercial for Canada's Paralympics. I waited to do a post on this because I was hoping a behind the scenes video would come out and lucky of us, one did. Check out the BTSV here and then view the full post to see the finished video and still image.


Click on the image to view it full size.

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this is by far the best commercial i have ever seen.

Love this ad, proud of Canada woot!

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Vaughan Hannigan, i fuckin knew  it! Loving the commercial ! :)

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That was beautiful.. Just shared it among friends :)

I know Drew will do this one day!!

This is amazing!

Great ad. It kinda gave me goosebumps because of how epic it felt. Well done! 


Mark Zibert ooozes Epicness

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I'm having to come out of lurking to say, WOW! Also Lee thanks for sharing this.

I would like to visit Canada