How to Create a Giant Croc Munching on Your Friends

Good special effects are the ones you don't really realize were "special." They are the moments that give you that sense of awe without dragging you away from being caught in the moment. Fuel VFX specializes in creating special effects for a wide range of movies, some of which you've most likely seen this year. 

"Rogue,"  an Australian indie horror film about a gigantic crocodile, may have been one of Fuel's smaller projects, but they were kind enough to give a little sneak peak into their creative process. Creating a gigantic animal and all it's movements doesn't come down to pure CG. This video shows a breakdown of a few different scenes from the movie to show how they got the final shot. It's fun to see what actions and effects are done by actors and which are created in post.


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Rob Luckins's picture

Shame the acting didn't live up to the quality of the CGI. If I was being dragged under water by a giant crocodile i'm pretty sure i'd be screaming.