How Google Was Made (BTSV of their Splash Logo)

See how the insanely skilled, commercial photographer Alex Koloskov and his passionate retouching counterpart Genia Larionova (aka AKELstudio) turnout the Google splash logo in this fun and insightful behind the scenes video. I love these two already.

via [ISO1200]

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srini's picture

This guy is insanely gr8 when it comes to playing with lights and liquids. Loved this thoroughly.


Sean Shimmel's picture

Flashes of creativity mixed with lots of hard work honest sweat. No shortcuts

levarwest's picture

Super beau et tellement efficace

Thank you guys!
BTW, the whole AKELstudio blog has been moved to Now All my stuff is over there:-)

wow,that was totally awesome..

Simon Gauduchon's picture

Great video, I have watched this about 4 times and would like to know how you set the strobes off, I see the Trigger Trap was set to bang, did you just shout ?