How Movie Effects USED To Be Done: HBO Style

Some of you may not remember this but as a very young kid with HBO in the house, I remember always being amazed watching this intro. Now I think movies on HBO just start with the parental ratings and nothing more. So next time you are thinking of making a cool intro for your business in after effects, remember how much harder it actually could be! As always, click the full post to view the original trailer.

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Martin Jensen's picture

Ahh very cool video!!
I laught my head of when i saw that it looked like they controled the camera with a commendor vic 20! :D hihi

Cris Magsino's picture

cool stuff! isnt it funny how they talked about the "old days" of doing things manually and now they did some things using the computer lol

I saw this video awhile back, but it still is fun. That was a great intro back in the day!



Those were the days. Does anyone remember using the Oxberry and Forox Animation camera for special effect slides? The programming the multi-projector slide shows wih AVL programmers.

I SO remember watching this when they first launched it! It was AMAZING (and still pretty cool)

I loved this, it was like going back in time, and I remember that opening as if it were just yesterday. Made me think about "ON" subscription television, if you remember that before HBO ever was born. Thanks for posting this


I LOVE that song - always have - it's just exciting.

So much so, that I think I have my new ringtone..., I love f-Stoppers!

I like it when he said "in old days they used to..." ha ha!!