How They Filmed The New Old Spice Commercial

Everybody likes the old spice towel guy and his single take commercials right? Well they are some of the most popular commercials of all time because nobody can figure out how they were shot. It kills me that they don't film complete BTSVs of the whole process but we have the next best thing below. Isiah Mustafa, the towel guy himself, will walk you through it.

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I didn't even notice the pants change until Kevin mentions it. Why won't Isiah tell us how he did it? I think it may be a quick cut or some sort of CGI.

I think that he rolled up his jeans underneath those long shorts, and someone was in the water to help. Check out how bulky the shorts look when he's walking around.

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He has a harness on

I guess I figured that the harness was upper-body only, but it probably is around the hips. Hmm... the mystery continues.

There is a full scene by scene description of the original commercial by the creators here:

He is a handsome man, and I'm not gay 0_0.
I don't think the jeans were CGI, and I'm glad he didn't reveal it. Makes figuring it out much more fun.

That is a ridiculously detailed commercial for only 30 seconds. I applaud Old Spice for having the guts to do something like this.

its a great ad and its great to see people produce something fun and different then the same old stuff on the box

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So what are the chances of him dropping into the pants... haha

Hey i love all the Old Spice commercials with Isiah Mustafah and Terry Crews.

There is a 30 second BTS video of the original with Isiah at:

You cant see much but still its a bit of an inside into the commericals!