Light Painting Portrait Photographer on America’s Got Talent

Light Painting Portrait Photographer on America’s Got Talent

The Aurora Light Painters troupe performed a light painting routine that used a large digital display as their recording medium (as opposed to your camera's sensor or film) for "America's Got Talent" judges: Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. Light painting is no doubt old news to our readers but for most of the mainstream this is their first encounter with this technique. So good luck to portrait photographer Julian Cash and The Aurora Light Painters as they advance to Las Vegas to compete for a $1 million grand prize and a chance to headline a Vegas show.

Aurora Light Painters:
"Aurora Light Painters is a new artistic collaboration born from a combination of photography, animation & video techniques. It is an extension of traditional light painting but instead of using an open shutter of a still camera, it uses a system to create a totally unique live interaction where everyone can see the image as it’s being created."

via [LaughingSquid]

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"nobody else is doing this" ...

Dave Wallace's picture

Thought the same thing

 We are legion to make light paint... But they are only to make a bad work like that...
Thougth the same thing of you btw

I haven't ever seen anyone else doing this live. Light painting has been around longer than I have, but I've never seen anything close to this. Sure, they are a little unconventional in their speech patterns and behaviorisms, but so what? I'm not sure they have enough lasting appeal for a long-run Vegas show, but this helps educate the public about new and novel forms of photo-graphy. 

Should be interesting to see where this (not just this Aurora group) goes. 

I thought it was pretty cool how so many people were cheering like crazy for such a simple technique hahaha

It doesn't matter what technique you use. It is all about how you use it and they made very good show.

Yeah, it's so "simple". Probably why you don't see a million youtube videos about it.

Please, if I'm wrong, point me to some other examples of live video light painting because I've only found 2 so far and one involves linux and custom software. 

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They creep me out, but it was super cool.

why not do something similar at weddings and let the guests paint on/around the bride+ groom ... they would love it.... interactive wedding photography :)

I don't think i fully understand the technique... how do they stream the capture in real time... doesn't the camera have to make the exposure then output the file for viewing?

how did they do it in real time .. i guess we all know the concept but the real time thing is what i wanna know

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Very cool technology yeah. I'm interested in knowing how they're able to show it on the screen in real time. The guy is a tad creepy, which makes you feel like "I'm in that weird part of Youtube again".

Exactly! I want to know more about how they are doing it in realtime. fstoppers, go!

Very cool technology yeah... but Seriously Guys... I Know hundred guys
who take the light painting at a really other level. And i'm just really
sad for all those guys & girls, who really make "art" with light.
Because those on america's got talent... Haven't any talent for light...
just children who don't deserve that in my opinion.

PS : if you want to see some really great stuff about light painting,
check the work of Marko 93, Jadikan, Kalaam (julien breton), Dream
Art's, G.E.T Light, Cesium and you will see what is dream.

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Children who don't deserve that? They're the first to do it on a stage like that, so I'd absolutely say they deserve it. Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes of all time:

"I can do that."

"...Yeah, but you didn't."