The Manhattan Project – A Timelapse View Of The Different Areas Of Manhattan

Photographer/videographer, Cameron Michael, spent roughly 5 months making this timelapse view of Manhattan. It spans across the entire area and shows the stark contrast that makes the city so appealing. After months of time, the struggles of getting location access, and the manual labor of lugging around 130 pounds of equipment around the city, Cameron finally released this great video as an ode to the city and all its beauty.

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Nice video, the concept is great, the commitment to the project is visible, the locations are interesting, however some lack of a bit of interest in my opinion. Overall, it's a good piece of work, but i'll get straight to the point and give my critique and share some tips that i learned by trial and error.

The first thing is the first segment, where we have the blossom, there was a visible change of focus that somewhat created some distraction (00:09).
Second, the shutter-speed was too fast, some sections look like they have some flickr as the cars, people, leafs and other subjects just appear and disappear in a frame or two. Having a longer shutter speed would have helped to blend the transition of those. for eg. (00:24, 00:34) would look way better.
Another thing in the last part of the video are the buildings. When there is an object far away, using the panning technique would be more appropriate, as the slider doesnt givve much of an effect as that small movement isn't visible in the final piece, it almost looks like the windows, light (flag) poles at the top of the building were done in post.
Last, the use of a software like LRtimelapse would help increase the production value, as the small variations in lighting would have been handled better.

My advice is to try to re-edit the time-lapse with a better software and do a comparison with this one, it will be worth the time. 

This is all constructive criticism, i do understand that some problems couldn't have been removed....nice job and keep the good work.

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Keep up the exhaustive vision. A massive testimony to hard work.

I also admire the critique above. Respectful and thoroughly helpful (but would have balanced it out with more detailed praise)

Very well done and inspiring. I'd like to do the same of my own city now!