A Moving Moment, A Different Type Of Wedding Video

A Moving Moment, A Different Type Of Wedding Video

As many of you know I (Lee Morris) am a professional wedding photographer. I was never a big fan of wedding videos until I saw the work that StillMotion was putting out. Even if you hate weddings you can appreciate what they do simply from an artistic standpoint. Even though I loved their work, I actually found it discouraging because I knew I could never do their style of video as well as they could so I never tried to film a wedding.

I had the idea for over a year of shooting a wedding video similar to how I shoot stills. If I could slow down the video enough I could deal with basically a moving image, something that I felt a lot more comfortable with. It finally worked out that Patrick Hall had a wedding on a day that I was free and 3 days before the wedding I ran the idea by the bride and then called my buddy Mike to see if he wanted to help me film it. Check out the finished product below and the walk-through after that.

Cameras Used:
Canon 60D
Canon T2i
Panasonic AF100

Lenses Used:
Tamron 17-55mm 2.8 VC
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS
Canon 200mm f2
Canon 16-35mm 2.8
Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95
Panasonic 7-14mm F4
Panasonic 14-140 f4-5.8

Other Gear:
Cinevate Atlas Slider
Photoflex Starlite
Ebay LED Panel

I did a voice over of the video and tried to explain how we shot the project.

If you prefer Youtube you can see the video here.

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Hi guys great vids but i must say that i didnt like that it was all B&W, at the first 1 for example i was watching it and when they kiss i just thougt that it would be amazing if from the lips starts to be at color and from that moment on the all video was in color, with some matching music to really make the momento decisive.

Sry my english keep on the amazing work. 

Lee Morris's picture

Well I've had a vision for this to be black and white for a long time I didn't want people to get distracted by bright colors (like guests in the background). I also think that had I done this in color it would have looks really cheap because I would have struggled to keep a consistent white balance. That is one thing that StillMotion seems to do very well and I'm not sure how they pull that off in dark churches. Also, BW hides noise in high ISO and since much of this was shot at 6400 ISO it really helped out. 

I know what you mean totally get it, i'm not even saying it would work well just that i would like to see if it will work, but is not a project to do with so little time as you did, great nevertheless.

Having it flow into all color in one moment? That would have really cheapened the elegance of this video, I think. It almost reminds me of the moms that always ask for dated shots.... "can you make the image black and white and then just make her eyes blue, and the flowers red." That never plays out as anything but cheesy, and the image would suffer for it. I dread those suggestions. This is far more elegant and moving. Changing the dynamic midstream would have just disrupted the flow of the emotion. The consistency keeps you drawn in to the moment without being distracted by cheap parlor tricks.

Plus, keeping that consistent black and white, I would imagine really brightened the church scenes and kept it more visually appealing. Churches never seems to have that beautiful flow of natural light we crave. Beautiful brides, but always horrible lighting!

A great video lee, so inspiring to watch and a joy to view, very well done, looking forward to seeing more.

awerllow's picture

Freakin-ey... I told myself to never cry again. Damn you Lee! Damn you!!!!

Lee Morris's picture

Tears are the best compliment for these type of thing :)

Matt Green's picture

This is your first attempt Lee? I would say it is a resounding success. Well done!

Lee Morris's picture

Thank ya!

Adam Pap's picture

Absolutely amazing! Well done Lee!

Salvador Salazar's picture

Wow! Stunning! :D

Gil Garcia's picture

really great work. a new standard in my book.

A. David Verde's picture

Nice job Lee! I don't even know those people and that video almost made me cry (figuratively speaking). That bride was mad hott by the way.. anyways. nicely done.. It was done so it almost looked staged.. which means it was pretty damn good.

F@#$% Lee! You're amazing dude!
I was talking with a great Wedding Photog from Chicago last week and asking about his thoughts oveer the industry for the future, once, SO saturated of newbies (like me) being pushing our prices levels so low because the lack of experience, besides the camera gears are getting so cheap. Anyways ... the conversation ended in a "crossroad" to keep pursuing our passion but at the same time bringing home the money necessary for our kids' food ... rent ... new gear ... And he start to tell me about how FUSION (something that other big name in NYC - Groupp - is doing for while, but in his own style) will take place from "just" stills or "just" videos. "Probably" he said "it will be THE thing ... the request from the customers ... in 5 years".OK ... let's change the name of your blog for F(uture)Continuum once you guys didn't "stop" anything but go beyond, bringing 5 years from the future to happen now. Is Butterfly Effect YOUR non-authorized bio?????Amazing dude ... amazing.   

Lee Morris's picture

Very kind of you Carlos. I've never advertised myself as a wedding videographer but I may try with this unique video style. I had a great time filming it.