The New Apple iPhone 4S 1080p Test Video Is Incredible

Everyone was a little let down when Apple announced an iPhone "4S" rather than a brand new "5". Aside from being a little faster, the iPhone 4S also has a big jump in the camera/video department. This new camera is 8mp and shoots at 1080p with built in vibration reduction. Check out the video below to see what this little cellphone is really capable of.

Update: The video was pulled a few minutes after I posted it. To see the video you can head over to Apples site and scroll down to the video section:

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That shot at 13 seconds... so pretty.

Woah, time to throw away my Evo.

Obviously they are using some sort of jib on it at certain points... which always helps... but the quality is still great.
Does anyone think this would function well as a extra camera for shooting weddings etc?

I don't know how it would come across to clients, but for all intensive purposes, why not? The iPhone just upped itself to a total-ability video camera. Handling won't be as natural without some additive cases, etc., but the quality is there.

What I don't understand is everyone's complaining about not having an 'iPhone 5.' The 4s is essentially an iPhone 5, it just doesn't sport a new external design. Internal design is much-improved (in terms of antennae, CDMA+GSM, etc.). And it's way faster. Siri's a nice add-on that I'm sure most won't mind having. What more could you want from a phone?

Someone told me, "I don't know, but Apple's supposed to come up with that." So we expect Apple not only to meet, or exceed...but also to set expectations? Interesting. They can't lose...unless they disappoint by not inventing an all-in-one jet-pack phone...

I'm excited for the video...especially since already using the iPhone 4 for certain school projects. I'm sure the standard, 'watch this full-feature/commercial/short made on an iPhone' videos will start popping out once the phone's officially out...

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by the way: Intents and Purposes 

I'd like to see a post here on the video quality of the Galaxy S2 from Samsung.  It looks just as good, if not better than the Iphone4s.

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They also had great video of the Iphone 4 and in real life it isn't that great.

A better demonstration of the capabilities of real world use would be some indoor shots without any supplemental camera light.

One quick comment. 

"Aside from being a little faster…" is a bit misleading. 

The processor in the iPhone 4S is 2x faster than the iPhone 4 and the graphics performance is 7x faster than the iPhone 4. That means games will perform more quickly, web pages will render faster, apps will be more responsive, etc. 

In addition, those people that live in cities and countries where the HSPA 3G network is available will have a phone that will perform up to twice as fast on the 3G network. So not only will the pages render faster due to the processor and graphics upgrade, they'll load faster because of the 3G speed improvements. 

That's more than a little faster. Just sayin'.