[News] 16 Cameras in a Haunted House (an interactive story)

Is there anything new under the sun? Has it all been done before? Maybe... but the shadows are a different story. “Haunted” is a paranormal thriller that takes place in a haunted house over the course of 48 hours. This awesomely interactive narrative was filmed using 16 cameras spread through out the various rooms and you are free to jump to any of the cameras at any point of the time line. If you have read most of my posts you know that nothing gets me more jazzed than creative and unique concepts. I haven't delved into this story yet as I was so excited I had to share it with all of you first. So, try it out. Let it spark your imagination. And then get out there and produce something cool too. Let us know how your experience was, in the comments below.

via [LaughingSquid]

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