Photographers/Videographers, Need Motion Graphics? Will Deliver

When Patrick and I started we needed someone to create the Fstoppers animation for the beginning of each of our videos. We had over 30 animators create mock ups for us and only 1 of them created quality work. That one agency was If you need any motion graphics work done (video intro, animated logo, special effects) will create world class quality animations for an insanely reasonable price. Dan from Swell has become a great friend of mine and I simply cannot recommend him enough. Check out his new demo reel below.

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Very well done indeed!!! 

Sean Shimmel's picture

Impressively diverse. 

One new thing after another.

Nice work, Im wondering how reasonable they are.

They are dope. You can totally tell they had the new guy do your logo. BWAHAHAHAA. Just kidding. Your logo is sick too. Especially the slicing sounds. Nice wanna be sexy face on the animoto ad right next to my post LEE. harrrrrrrrrr.

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The CEO actually made all our logos :)

I contacted them and they never got back to me!