[Photos] Street Fighter Photoshoot!

[Photos] Street Fighter Photoshoot!

AhhhYUkin! Here is a great "blast from the past" set of Street Fighter photos from photographer Alexander Nerozya. He and his friends came together to create a pretty impressive collection of images that any gamer would be proud of. Open the post to see his full description of how he made the images, complete with BTS shots and video. Enjoy!

Click HERE to see how Alexander went about creating these images in his BTS blog post.

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I want to like this more...but the hair for the guys is really distracting :/

I think they are terrible. Photoshop crimes against photography ;)

Seriously... While I'm sure the cosplayers liked them, these are just awful.   I used to love playing streetfighter, I even sat through the terrible movie in the 90's, but these images are just so terrible.

Less photoshop and more time behind the camera would do this guy some good.

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Good work :)

Chun-Li doesn't even look like a Chinese.


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yeah, these are actually really bad.

Wow that's rough. I would not shoot Street Fighter photos unless you KNOW you can rock them. These are shot by my buddy Bosslogic who recently was commissioned by Capcom to do the Street Fighter x Tekken downloadable wallpapers.


Actually, they're not shot by him. He takes stock images and manipulates them. Big difference. However, he does have photoshop skills.

I'm a street fighter fan and the idea of the above pictures are great. However the expressions, posing, and compositions could have used more planning.

ok...those pictures are really good. (bosslogic)

Love the wigs, so cheesy! :D
I think these pictures prove that no amount of post processing can save awful pictures.

I think that FS i becoming a little bit overloaded and publishing this crap prove it.
You were doing such a good work please don't sell of yourself with the only aim of the site's growth. Less posts more quality.

ha, I had this idea for a while now.... only reason I didn't go through with it is because I couldnt find the right cast!!!! thank god i didn't do it

Forget the PS, forget how fake or real, or good or bad the photos are. I think the message is get out, have some fun and shoot........

crazy people can do crazy works :P