[Pics] Photographer Plays With Positive And Negative Light

Slovakian Photographer, Tono Stano has created an almost Yin and Yang effect with the images in his series titled, White Shadows. If you started out using film then you understand that what is dark on a negative becomes light on a print. Stano experimented by doing just the opposite with the images. The behind the scenes video below unfortunately doesn't have audio but you can see how he did it. What do you think?

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Derek Tipton's picture

You boys and your fancy new DSLRs..... this is what photography artist use to do. Why does everything have to be "breath taking" and "OMGz! look at that lighting? This is abstract thinking


Jaron @ FStoppers's picture

Not that there is anything wrong with shooting with a digital...

This is art!

This is amazingly creative. It's definitely in that category where I go "and why did we need to do this?" but the results speak for themselves.