This Is The Scariest Base Jumping Video Ever

It seems like every week someone uploads a new GoPro video which gives me shivers. Well this video has topped them all. 3 guys with helmet cams climb on to the OUTSIDE of a elevator and ride it to the top of the building before jumping off. The first person view makes you really feel like you are there.

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That was terrifying. My palms are dripping buckets. Goodness!

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My heart's racing after watching that!

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holy shit that's crazy. I think the ride up scared me more than the jump.

Not for the faint hearted for sure, I was thinking all the time, what if one of them slipped before they reached a safe height to jump. Esp freaked out when one guy looked up and knocked his head with another..

3 comments: 1.. was this legal? What if there was some type of number at the top??LOL and how the heck do these guys overpower the human instinct of not jumping off a precipice??

Sweaty Palms!!

After the video i found myself sitting with my mouth still open :)

Oh my God... That's all I want to say.

THAT. WAS. AWESOME! I can't believe all that happened within 4 minutes.