A Small Taste Of What It Takes To Film A Ski Movie

In February, Patrick and I flew to Colorado to film Dave Lehl shooting snowboarders. It was an eye opening experience but it was still relatively easy for us because we were simply documenting the event. Warren Miller has a different task; he is in charge of shooting full length ski videos on film and they have to look perfect. This video will give you a very small glimpse of what that really means.

Warren Miller Films shoots at Heavenly - January 2010 from Deep Roots Media - Dane Henry on Vimeo.

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But I think that the background music is far too loud when he's speaking. I had troubles understanding him.

RIP Arne Backstrom

I love Warren Millers films and when i saw this short clip i was like fstoppers.com would love this!Ilike to think that is why it is up on the site.... lol

Always loved Warren Miller ski movies, probably as far back as 30 + years ago. Loved Heavenly too. Also 30 years ago. And today we have lots of snow in the Great White North ;-)

Awesome behind the scenes footage of what it really takes to create a well thought out, planned and well executed film.

Very different style and final product from the freestyle approach with the GoPro HERO camera but is it better. No and Yes. It's so different that you really can't compare the two. They both have their pros and cons.

So I say use the method that communicates your message the most effectively and accurately and get on with it!

Shoot and share :)

Kon Iatrou
ikon images

Hey guys, just a note, Heavenly is on the California side of Lake Tahoe. You posted that you flew to Colorado. Anyway, Heavenly has beautiful views and is a my favorite skiing/boarding spot. Great post.