Sony's Eye Candy: Photography, Video, and Design

While browsing Creative Motion Design's blog I came across an eye catching ad for Sony's Bravia series of HDTVs. The complete video directed by Superfad had elements of slow motion, CGI effects, graphic design, animation, and photography. Luckily the good people over Hype Communications put together a make of video on how Superfad and the entire creative team was able to piece together this amazing Sony marketing ad. The first video is the making of "Eye Candy" and the second video is the final completed piece.

Behind the Scenes:

Final Video:

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Thanks, that's inspiring

I'm not exactly sure what this is, but it's pretty freaking sweet.

The two scenes are inspiring. It gives me a lot of new thoughts and ideas!! Thank you very much for sharing !!

This makes me feel not so smart.

Not a lot to latch onto in terms of specifics, but very cool visuals.

I like the tilt at the 2:00 mark. Great work.

Very nice work.