Thoughtful Documentary Follows Landscape Photographer To The Most Beautiful Places On Earth

In this trailer for the upcoming documentary "The Quest For Inspiration", there are a slew of amazing images from places filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay followed landscape Photographer Alexandre Deschaumes. The documentary shows Alexandre as he prepares for a new journey, this time into Patagonia, and we hear his words as thoughts through voiceover, speaking about the complexities and work he does to attain his inspiration.

Translated roughly from Mathieu Le Lay's blog:

"The Quest for Inspiration is an immersion into the world of Alexander Deschaumes evocative, landscape photographer. Artist portrays landscapes in the world with a dreamlike vision and artistic. This was after many wanderings through the forests solitary autumn he developed his own universe. Guided by the dream and enchanting atmosphere of the wilderness, he tries to transform emotions into some form of evocative beauty. Playing with lights, colors, shapes and contrasts, Alexander learned to magnify the natural landscape, giving the appearance sometimes surreal. His images, sometimes comparable to real paintings emanate from the mountain life and natural elements that compose it. Beyond the mountains, these are a little crazy vast and boundless that he finds particularly in Iceland that attract. While preparing a new expedition in Patagonia, Alexander must face the torment of nature in the quest for ethereal image."

[Via Attrape-pixel]

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Just wow. Wow. Absolutely stunning, jaw dropping pictures and scenery! God. 

Bua's picture

holy moly! Well done sir.

Stunning, I must watch!

Amazing images! Totally Amazing.

Stuff like this makes me want to quit my day job as a photographer and just go back to the grocery store. :-)