[Video] Canon 5DM3 Video Beat By Panasonic GH2?

What is going on with cameras these days? First we learned that the $6000 Nikon D4 is not a significant improvement over the D3S in terms of resolution or ISO performance. Now we are hearing that the Canon 5D Mark III is not a significant jump in video quality compared to the 5D Mark II that was released 4 years ago. I was shocked to see this video of a $900 Panasonic GH2 outperforming the $3500 5DM3 in terms of sharpness. Check out the full write up and 100% screen caps at EOSHD.

I'm very excited to see a video comparison between Nikon and Canon now. For the last 4 years Canon has destroyed Nikon in terms of video features and quality but that may not be the case any longer.

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Doesn't seem liked you have the amount of control over final image output with the Panasonic like you'd have with the MKIII

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in my opinion the mark III in this comparison beats the GH2 hands down. This is not to say the GH2 isn't awesome, it is. Just my opinion 

Really? Great then. I personally cannot say that the 5DMKIII beat it by that much but again, those video aren't really the best tests ever. 

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 Yeah I agree that it's not the greatest test but I think my point (which I did
not make clearly) was that the mark III is a much more well rounded piece of
equipment with really really handy features that come stock with it (not having
to hack it). And now with the sharpen workaroudn I believe we have an extremely
great tool at our disposal.

Remember Phillip Bloom's Christmas Shootout? The GH2 was the ONLY video dSLR that has the resolution to close to the Canon C300! I am not surprised with the mkIII comparison, considering that the mkIII still utilize line skipping instead of recording true 1080p. And for those who said that the mkIII is better than the GH2, if anything it is only marginally better and THAT is not what you want to hear if you're buying a camera that is 3x more expensive.


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My thoughts exactly! Google "GH2 split screen versus RED Scarlet "  To the commenters who thinks the 5d Mark III  is better can you elaborate? I think the point Lee is trying to make is that the GH2 is "sharper" and for the cost and age of the GH2, it can compete with the Canon, even though it's not even a Full Frame sensor.

My client does not care which camera appears sharper in some shots. All they care about is the overall look and Canon wins here hands down. 

Who cares really if its tiny bit sharper? Video still looks very crappy on Panasonic. 

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To my eye the 5D Mark III video quality is decidedly superior to the GH2.  Given the cost differential though it doesn't look 3.5 times superior.

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At 1 minute when you see the wide shot of the trees and grass you can see that the GH2 is way sharper than the Canon. Other shots are harder for me to tell because the colors are so different. 

I judge quality by more than how sharp the grass appears.  I'm looking at overall aesthetic qualities, subjective as those are, to determine what pleases my eye more. In that case the Canon wins.

exactly this ^ My client does not care which camera appears sharper the overall look is what sells. 

Here is the full article that may help readers understand more than just the video as I don't think some of them fully understand why the Gh2 is better at video than all the other dslrs.


Don't mistake aliasing for sharpness.
The 5DIII footage may not appear as sharp, but it lends itself quite well to sharpening in post. 

 These were my thoughts exactly, much of the detail that the GH2 is supposedly rendering is not temporally accurate. I was under the impression that the GH2 didn't resolve that much resolution anyway. The MK III has a much larger sensor also, so the GH2 looks a bit sharper due to the inherent greater depth of field. Also, you can't judge these things based on a heavily compressed internet video that is 600px wide.