[Video] How the 5D Mark II Was Used to Make an Invisible Car

[Video]  How the 5D Mark II Was Used to Make an Invisible Car

Ok, admittedly this video has more to do with the Mercedes than the 5D Mark II but what they have done with the two is far too cool not to show you. Using mats of LEDs and mounting Canon's 5D Mark II on the opposite side, the promoters of Mercedes new F-Cell concept vehicle, were able to render the vehicle virtually invisible. To see the set up and the resulting video jump into the full post.

via [VisualNews]
From Kenn:
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hehe nice,,, and i love Mercedes
i saw some kind of this effect on top gear series )

They kinda stole that "idea" from James May

Nice execution of the idea EVERY nerdy kid has had! Now, if they could use some sort of a color e-ink instead of lighted LED's, it would be even more realistic.

I love how the led panels are affixed with gaffer tape.

where can i find James May's "idea"?

umm doesn't this seem a bit prone to t-boning?  :D