[Video] The Idea Channel Wonders if, Instagram is the Best Thing to Happen to Photography

Recently on PBS’ Idea Channel they pose the question, "Is Instagram the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Photography?"

I personally wouldn't go so far as to say it's the best thing to ever happen to photography but this entertaining video does a good job at pointing out the benefits of apps such as Instagram.

"With its ability to make boring cellphone photos look “vintage” and “artsy”, Instagram has exploded worldwide. Derided by its detractors as a tool for making bad photos worse, we take an alternate view and argue that Instagram is the greatest thing to ever happen to photography. Its simple filters and social networking features are training cellphone photographers everywhere to think creatively about their photos. Plus, the app is turning its worldwide user base into an army of photojournalists capturing striking images of the people and events around them. As the old photography adage goes, “The best camera is the one you have with you.

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For horrible photographers it could be.

I can't wait until the instagram-powered fauxtographers start hitting the wedding industry...

XACT-ly!   Not only do loads of moms (the main folks who hire pro portrait photogs) suck at the teet of Instagram, shooting and sharing away, but they're just happy fine with it.   Then then get really excited about taking pictures....Then they buy entry level DSLR's and Photoshop Elements or Lightroom.  They start taking all of their own pix.  The only time they need you then is if they want a funky set geared towards a seasonal shot, or if they want pix with themselves in them.  Even when you're hired, I am starting to hear people ask if they get the unedited pix as part of their package (because they want to crop and make them the way they want).   

I mean life is all about adaptation, and I can certainly ferment my strongest qualities as a photographer and fight to persuade new clients to give me a try but when people are just perfectly fine with free photos they take with their cameras or pix they take and upload to facebook and apply instagram filters on, or buy photoshop actions that emulate instagram filters...pix that look better than even the crapola mall studio pix....you have a hard time persuading them to pay to have pictures taken without insulting their skills at capturing and composing the best image.    I do love the tones and colors of the instagram filters but I know a lot of potential clients that only call 1-2 times a year because they are fine with their own style and their own free pictures they take with their $500 DSLRs and affordable post production tools and their iphones with instagram.  I do wonder what the next step in pro portrait evolution is.....

I enjoyed that. A lot. 

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If Zack Arias can love instagram.... :)

I love it too (and no, I'm not comparing myself to Zack).

I think the same people who are annoyed by being undercut by cheap-o photographers, are the same sort of people who complain about instagram. Are you threatened? Or does it really bother you so much that people are taking photos with their phone? So, who cares if SOME of them think they're hot sh*t because they can use Instagram with filters? That has no impact on you, your photo business or your skills. (ahaha, and if it does, you only have yourself to blame)

I've seen TONS of amazing iPhone photography on Instagram. Hell, I see just as much junk on there as I do ANYWHERE else.

I believe some people are just a tad insecure, me thinks. :)

Edit: I also don't agree, personally, that it's the greatest thing in photography, but I definitely agree with a lot of what the video is saying. I'm a photography, it's my life, and I personally love looking at cool photos from around the world, there is a lot of good imagery and insights into daily life, other photographers work, and so much more. I just think a lot of people haven't taken the time to find the right people. And hey, if you don't care about that, cool, but don't bitch about someone taking photos. That's backwards.

the ones that are threatened are the ones that see instagram photos better than their SLR photos

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 Haha..... well that's a pretty stupid reason to hate something, because of your (not YOU) lack of skill or creativity. :) Haha.

Personally, I think the unnecessary comma is the best thing to happen to this article. #GrammarNazi  Ha!

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 “Is Instagram the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Photography?”

it's done almost as much for photography as herpes has...( END SARCASM)

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Some people have negative things to say about it, but can never back any of it up with any evidence as to why it's so "bad".

What Instagram does is perpetuate the illusion that style trumps substance.  I've seen no evidence to affirm the claim it makes people consider content and composition, all I see is snapshots of weird bathrooms and dead birds with overdone saturation and software vignettes.  The best thing that ever happened to photography:  no.  Just another gimmick to convince a generation of people hooked on instant gratification they are somehow special while doing exactly the same thing as everyone else. While I don't use the app, or indeed my phone as a camera, I am fine with it being a fun tool. Yet this particular video didn't make the statement that Instagram is a fun tool to play with your images, it specifically addressed the artistic implications of Instagram. (Which is a lot like addressing the nutritional value of Styrofoam peanuts.) The video's creators opened the artistic value door, so we are free to walk through. If they had addressed the app on the same level as Angry Birds, the conversation would be different.

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 I don't agree with you. For one: Instagram does not do, or say anything. It merely is a tool/camera/app. The people using it are the same people who were taking, or would be taking, photos with their phones before.

The same thing was said about 35mm film cameras, digital cameras when they were first produced, and now phone cameras. The idea of style over substance has existed since cameras existed. Since art existed.

You've seen no evidence? Well I have, millions have! Just have a look at the long list of designers (graphic, clothing or other media), photographers (there are some seriously high profile people on there), and other artists or just plain creative people. There is some amazing photography on there.

Just like anywhere else, there is crap too. But that goes for anywhere. Any type of camera or ideal.

I for one, love Instagram, I think it's a great way to see the world around us through someone's eyes other than our own. I love photography, and I can easily look past whatever negativity people put on it. It's misplaced, but that's not our loss. It's theirs.

It cost a dollar. If you don't like it...don't support it by not using it.

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 Instagram is free, actually. :)

Pros: bringing easy access to artistic photography to the masses.
Cons: everyone thinks they're photographers because they can use Instagram.
It's good that people get interested in photography, learn the ropes and share their work with Instagram but on the other side, it's a shame that most of them won't take the interest a step further and invest in proper equipment and learn proper editing.