[Video] Micro Empire – A Scary Yet Fascinating World Seen In One Drop Of Water

Clemens Wirth shows us an entire world of life that resides in just one drop of water. I was horrified yet simultaneously engaged when looking at this video. It's well put together, everything from the videography to the editing.  The good news is that the life you see does not exist in your municipal drinking water, to make that clear. So rest easy and have fun watching. 

The setup, for those of you wondering, was 'a 5dmarkII on tripod that was attached to a monocolar microscope with an adapter'.

[Via Vimeo]


From Pratik:

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"monocular" microscope..
anyway, any photos of the setup?

Incredibly cool, and yet terrifying at the same time. Glad none of this exists in my drinking water (I hope)

James Kar's picture

Putting my glass of water down...