[Video] Patrick Boivin's Interactive Prime vs Prime and Other Lessons in Stop Motion Animation

In this post you will see two awesome examples of homegrown stop motion animation by Patrick Boivin. Patrick has done some amazing work such as, "AT-AT Day Afternoon", which we featured awhile back. For the first video, you get to shape the outcome of a battle between the first generation Optimus Prime and the latest generation Optimus. I hold this up as a fun example of what patients and creativity can yield with todays, easily accessible technology. The second video goes back to 2009 and is a must see as it depicts several of Patricks techniques in producing these amazing animations. But really, you should do yourself a favor and just run through his entire video collect.

Do you want to be able to make your own stop motion animation but think it's beyond you? Then check out these two inspiring articles that will get your ass in gear and have you producing some animations of your own: "iPhones to DSLRs: The State of D-I-Y Stop Motion Filmmaking" and "How to Do Stop-Motion Animation on a Budget".

Note: The above video requires you to press play after you make each choice. For a smoother experience play this from the original location.

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the clasic optimus is the best!

Who, over 12 years old, isn't going to say that?  :)