[Video] See 3 Top Photographers Shoot it Out : GPP2012

This years GPP2012 Shoot-out that pitted David Hobby, Martin Prihoda and Gregory Heisler against one another was brilliant. All three photographers approached their respective photos from completely different points of view, using completely different techniques, resulting in an enlightening experience for all. Don't get me wrong, last year's shoot out was great too but his one has definitely encouraged me to make plans to attend GPP2013 in Dubai, featuring workshops, seminars and talks by the world's best photographers.

via [Strobist]

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Sorry but, IMO, Heisler's photo (no matter how well done and symbolic) was not a self portrait and should not have been accepted.

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You're right. He should be stripped of his prize and banned from competition in the future. >:(

It's still a self portrait. Don't be so closed minded.

Wiki: A self-portrait is a representation of an artist, drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist.

David Hobby used his "laptop look" again, nothing new! Heisle was ORIGINAL.

I've gone to Dubai the last couple of years. Most nights everyone meets in the Vista bar (above the Holiday Inn Express). So you get the opportunity to eat dinner and drink with all these famous photographers and listen to their stories, and chat about anything. You will also make some good friends with your fellow students.  Plus Dubai is a fairly amazing place.

I heard about it 3 years ago from Zack Arias and David Hobby.... but it was too late to go. 2 years ago I could not afford it, but went anyway. I wasn't planning on going this year, but Joe Mcnally taught a 4 day class, so once again I dipped into my non-existent retirement fund and went for it.

There are nice workshops all over, but I don't think any of them have the shear numbers of great instructors. Also the class sizes are small.

RE: David Hobby.  So David Hobby had this cool idea of making the auditorium where the shoot out takes place look like a movie theater.... i.e. a flash simulating the projector, a flash that looks like light coming fromf the screen to front light the subject, and flashes on the sides to light the tops of the seats.

He comes to Heisler's seminar... and Heisler talks about his lighting for Jody Foster's directorial debut. And shows the exact photo that Hobby had in his mind for the shoot out. This of course happens the morning of the shoot out, so he is scrambling.

The video doesn't capture the drama of the shoot out. Hundreds of people are watching and these guys have only 20 quick minutes to create something awesome. Last year the contestants were better about talking out loud.... so we could get some insight into their thought process. Hobby did a good job at this...when he remembered. Martin was a bit quite. Heisler is SO smart, and I think he just wanted to surprise and  delight us, so he did not say much. He was incredibly calm.... Martin and David were nervous as you would expect.


This is a bit more insight into GPP

It's funny. When you ask artist to do something and you like the effect, when he will do something totally different :D But that is an essence of creativity.