Von Wong Shoots Superbowl Leather Designer

Benjamin Von Wong gives us some tips for shooting with less than optimal conditions as he goes to work on models wearing pieces made by master leather worker Cecilio Martinez. This latest and last installment of Ben's European tour finds him in Spain, without power, light stands, experienced models or the ability to speak Spanish. So check out this video and if you want more then head over to Ben's Blog where he lays out all the juicy details.

Benjamin Von Wong:
One of the artists we were invited to cover was Cecilio Martinez – a leather mask designer. His work has been featured all over the place, up to the level of the 2012 Superbowl where Madonna herself was wearing one his masks! Pakdi, one of our mutual friends and a fellow videographer actually bumped into Cecilio while on vacation in Ibiza and he sounded like a perfect candidate for our tour so we got into contact with him and began putting things together..."

via [BenjaminVonWong]

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Good photos. So hard to watch this guy though.

Von Wong's picture

Sorry was a little hyper on this one XD Will try to tone things down a bit! 

Kunal Daswani's picture

Don't be sorry. Your energy really makes every BTS video fun to watch other than the fact we learn so much. Cheers!! 

Kenn Tam's picture

Dude.  Don't ever apologize for working your ass off and putting you work out there for everyone to learn from.  Some people are just down right rude and we are working on a way to moderate the comments to filter out/ban, those who post non-constructive criticism.  

Von Wong's picture

haha thanks Kenn. Effort is what counts for now!! 

Kunal Daswani's picture

I love this guy!! Thank you for all your BTS videos VonWong!! 

Fido Loves's picture

Great to see a BTS shoot where everything is working against you. Even though, really nice results I love the tourists. I think every photographer shooting on location has had a tourist or two standing in the background, sometimes in speedo....

@vonwong:disqus  I thought your frenetic energy helped convey the mood and difficulty of the situation. Really nice job on your work and these BTS videos.

Von Wong's picture

Thanks man haha

cotton's picture

Super Talented!

Nice work Ben ! You're missing us in France !

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Welcome to my world Ben, the setup you had was more than I have for every shoot...however, that being said, it's nice to see how wonderful images can arise from very little equipment. Also, keep up the high energy, it really shows off your passion. Just speak a little slower, so we can understand you... lol


Tobias Solem's picture

You rock VonWong, all your stuff is always inspirational and you make photography seem less like a job and more like the creative fun thing it's supposed to be.

Derek Matarangas's picture

The music was way too high I could not hear what he was saying.