The Wednesday Rundown 5.2.12

The Wednesday Rundown 5.2.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wedneday Rundown. I want to thank everyone last week that sent in your videos. This week we have a great bridal shoot from Fstopper's reader Chris Bernard. He did a studio shoot with several brides and some nice clean lighting. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

Bridal Shoot:
Fstopper reader Chris Bernard sent in this BTS video on a bridal shoot. Chris uses a couple of studio strobes and softboxes to light these brides in the studio.

Fashion Shoot:
Photographer Johannes Ginsberg and Tristan Neuhaus got together and created this intriging BTS video form their last shoot. With a couple of profoto lights they shoot there model up against a white wall in the studio.

Brotherhood of Steel:
Zach shows us his recent photo shoot with the Brotherhood of the Steel. Zach uses a three light setup, with two strip banks and beauty dish for fill.

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The third one was my fav!

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cool vids!

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Wednesday Rundown is the best! Hey Jerrit, you do awesome photographic work and posts. I was wondering if you can create a video or fstoppers original on something, like your DIY's, for example. I think that would be cool.

First video would have been better if they actually would have showcased the last girl more.

 Hi Jon, I shot this video and photography for it, and I agree. There was a lot of things I would have changed looking back. This was my very first attempt at video and film making. The last model's name is Lindsey and her photos stood out the most to me. What happened was we actually ran out of time. This was a 14 hour epic day of shooting and she was the last. Because we ran out of time I had to concentrate on the photography first but they turned out so well I had to include them in the slides. But that left no video backing her and her story. I agree it's a distraction but live and learn.  Hope you liked it though.

Thanks for sharing! :)

BTS videos without final shots are so frustrating to me. They always feel like the last episode of the Sopranos...