[Video] Same Day Wedding Videos By Antonio Domingo

Hi there F(stop)'ers! Today I am posting from the AFP Photo Expo in Caldas, Portugal. I must say this is the most fun and unique expo I've yet to experience. Last night during the Gala event, I sat across from wedding videographer, Antonio Domingo. During conversation he mentioned that upon his client's requests he sometimes shoot, edits and delivers the newly weds their wedding video the night of their wedding! more in the full post My immediate thought was "how good can those videos turn out?!", and then he showed me this "Same Day" video from a wedding he did last year in Lanzarote, a gorgeous island of igneous rock off the North West coast of Africa. I am impressed, and I think you guys will be too. Enjoy!

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Video looks great, but I don't understand why.  Are there couples that really NEED their wedding video the same day?

perhaps it is the upside for the videographer that cba to edit unless there's pressure?

I for one always have trouble getting myself to edit (photos, so i'm not sure how it is for video)

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The guys from stillmotions are like the masters of SDE (same day edit).

Looks more like a party video of some Baccardi models. Not my cup of tea.

 You only like ugly people?

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My thoughts exactly. I would think that most wedding clients would rather wait a week or even more to have a more polished product. Not to mention the fact that they would rather be doing something else besides watching a wedding video that night.
Although there is something to be said for having that ability in your hip pocket and be able to go the extra mile for your client, but I would not make it a standard offering.  I can't imaging that it would even be a selling point that would have any influence on you landing a wedding gig over someone else.

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Maybe it's not a great selling point, but I think it's a great opportunity to upsell if inquired... "Sure, I normally don't do this, but if you insist, the price is gonna take a hike!"

It's actually a lot more common than you would think.  I shoot wedding videos in the Southern California region, and I get a lot of people who are interested in same day edits.  You can find some of my work here:


I've found my couples want to have it because it's a chance for them to re-experience their day right there and then during their reception since there's so much going on that they can't enjoy it.  Couples also tell me that it's for guests to get a glimpse at what happened earlier in the day since not all of them might have been there.  It's also one of the things that guests always talk about if it's done well.  I think same day edits and photo booths are two of the most enjoyable aspects of a reception for guests (at least in my experience).

The ones I've seen have been because the actual ceremony was just family/close friends, while the reception was huge and was more work/acquaintances.  The video was so everyone could see the ceremony/day up to that point.

Travis- how big of a time gap do you normally have between the wedding and the reception?

SDE's are a lot about preparation and sticking to a set schedule.  I'm usually converting clips (to Apple ProRes in my case) as I get them so by the time I go to edit.  The least amount of time I've ever had was probably about 3 hours or so, and that was probably cutting it too close since you need time to render and everything.  That was when the couple wanted to show it basically after the grand entrance (around 7:30), and their church ceremony didn't end until about 4.  It helps if the couple wants to show it later on in the night (before cake cutting or something), in which case you have a bigger buffer and can also try to fit in some clips of the grand entrance as well.

well, this is very common for fusion wedding from Hong Kong and anywhere that have lots of chinese population. the SDE video are for guest that coming to the reception but missed the ceremony (espcially the tranditional tea ceremony happened at home).

I don't think it was offered up front as an option. I think that it was something that was presented later to their surprise, to have a complete video of their day. And, I would think that it wasn't presented on DVD, but more like a link to the video online of which they could watch where ever they go. 

I thought it was unique and a very good example, I know not all weddings are going to be as great, i.e. the appeal factor,  as that one being shot and edited on video same day. 

Let me light up the subject from my point of view her in Portugal, SDE are very common in Portugal and in Spain because in a wedding her we got a lot of dead time to kill because they are very long and some times Photographers her kill part of this time by project the SDE for the guest´s and it´s a success believe me! I Have sean brides and grooms cry many times it´s very emotional for them and for the families. And when it´s well done it´s a hit ... Every guest will remember your work believe me ...

And by the way the AFP PHOTO EXPO is really worth to go ... in this cupel of years that i have gone it has bean amazing and bringing some of the most talented photographers and videographers to Portugal and that some times it´s not easy! Congrants to the people who work to make this happen every year.

Super Impressive. Very creative shots. The pace and the editing it's perfect. Same day shoot, edit and deliver. This is just like an everyday event for camera journalists for a daily newscast. In retrospect, there was a man for every position. Nowadays one man crew in becoming common to play many hats.  

Congratulations Antonio Domingo!!! Verdaderamente me impresionaste. : )
Thanks for the post. 

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I have to chime in here also and say that Same Day Edits (SDE's) are pretty much standard in the Philippines, where I got married.  And they can be very polished pieces of work (see an example from Bob Nicolas here: 
http://www.bobnicolas.com/blog/2011/12/19/hendry-and-jizzelle/ ) .  When you have family and friends coming in from out of the city or out of country who may not have access to the internet, having an SDE can be a great recap for the end of the evening.  They are definitely a great challenge (lots of prep and dedication required) and I hope to one day be able to offer this service to clients.  

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Jason Magbanua of the Philippines has some of the best same day edit videos out there.  Here's some secrets he shared on how to do it.

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It's kinda interesting, cause you have two big arguments here. "Time equals Quality" and "Video vs Photo" 

First off, The more time you put into a photo don't mean it's gonna make the quality better. (I once took a picture of a rotten apple, days later it was still rotten.)   A good photo is taken at the moment of the wedding and post production should be used for a slight enhancement of that image. A great photographer is going to have great images and should take a little amount of time to produce final prints.  Okay photographers might be spending a bit more time in post correcting or searching for good images. Personally as I'm shooting, I know in my head about how many great images I have and can remember where they are in the card sequence.  So like I said before you can't make an image better after the fact you've taken it, you can spend more time in post to try to make it look better but if you take it right the first time you should only have to make quick adjustments to it.

Second thing, Video vs Photos.   Videos should always take a bit more time to produce then photos because no matter what, you have to import them, and most of the time convert them, then wait for render times, every time you adjust something, color, edits, etc...  Remember your creating a motion picture to tell a story. You have to look though lots of footage and watch it. Where in a still image you know what looks bad the second you see it.   My example, a bridesmaids nipple pops out of her dress in the background :-).... in a photo you will see that right away and can discard it, where in video you would have to scrub though the footage, then "if you notice it" you have to scrap the video or edit well enough that it's gone. 

When all is said and done it really is up to the bride and groom what they think is good quality.  Me personally I could get an entire video edited in a day with color corrections and all that Jazz but thats because I work professionally as a post-production editor.  People naturally expect good photos or video to take "a long amount time" and time is money! I'd hate to have to charge someone 2,000 bucks and then say ohh by the way took us like 10 min to do this entire video. You could make them feel like they got ripped off, even if its an amazing video.   

How would you feel paying (me) a stranger $3,000 to make you something, and 10 min later I had it all done? Feel kinda ripped off, like that only took 10 min! and you could have done it yourself!

I think your missing the point of time equals quality. Its about delivering a film on their wedding day when they are still in the moment and all their guests can see it too. Sure you can take your time and deliver it later, which is fine, but there is something to be said about the feeling in the room when you show something that happened hours earlier, and the couple is surrounded by their closet friends and family. You literally market your work to everyone in the room. Thats the advantage of a same day edit. 

Photography is a distinct game of course than video, but the video is the only factual life article of your happening. You can sense the excitement, nerves and the jolity as you watch baa allotment of folks overlook out on a glossy running unobtrusive marriage day as numerous over anxious photographers and video graphers tread on too many toes with their zealous productivity, or poorer awful persons skills.

That video is a work of art. Nowadays, I can't seem to enjoy a wedding as much without a <a href="http://perthpremierphotobooths.com.au/#/the-booths/4555803076" rel="nofollow">perth photo booth rental</a> and a same-day wedding video.