[BTSV]The Wednesday Rundown 1.22.12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I started following Emily Soto on facebook a couple months back and really started to love her natural look in her photos. This week we have her BTS video from one of these shoots and the images turn out spectacular. Also this week we have a video that explains all the video rigs you can setup on your DSLR. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Fashion Shoot:

Emily Soto shows us how one light and some help from the sun can lead to a great shoot. With a great natural location she shoots a simple and gorgous fashion shoot.

Fashion Photo Shoot- Jaclyn Poole ANTM- Emily Soto Photography from Emily Soto on Vimeo.

Lingerie Shoot:(NSFW)

Leurre Lingerie had a recent shoot for a lingerie line. Watch as these photographers take on this contraversal task and attempt to give a classy look at this sexy line.

Leurre Lingerie - The Round Peg Photography - Behind the Scenes from FX Films on Vimeo.

DSLR Attachments:

When it comes to attaching things to DSLRs I have no clue what the correct term is. This video will break down what you can attach to your little camera and what is does for you. A good basic corse in what you need ;P .

Do More With Your DSLR II: Building a Rig from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

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What light modifier is that in the Emily Soto video?

Emily Soto is using a white Mola 28" Setti.

Lovely images from Emily Soto and then, sadly, there's Round Peg's lingerie shoot.

The pornifacation (new word!) of Nun's is getting VERY old.   To Catholics, which I am not, this is highly offensive.

Joop van Roy's picture

 Let it go man, no one's getting hurt here. And the images are gorgeous.

..." i bet priests would have a new obsession and leave the altar boys alone for a change."
Your quote is about as original as the images.  

Bogdan Radu's picture

 I do agree that that whole nun thing has been used and abused by a lot of fotogs.. I would like to see some more originality ..

Sean Shimmel's picture


So many people want photography to matter, to voice a voice. Whether at weddings or Wall Street or Syria and Africa,  Unfortunately, the voice here matters as well... albeit in an all too easily offensive way.

Hum...  Catholics offends gays, lesbians, AIDS infected persons... so yeah, i don't care about porned-out nuns... ;)

But it IS getting old....

Roberto Alonso's picture

Kudos to Emily Soto for her pics, but mostly for shooting in such an unattractive place and making it look fantastic.

 Does Emily use an ND filter?

Emily Soto is AMAZING. I have been following her work for quite some time now. She has really really well done work in post. She is also the reason i ended up buying a Mola Setti (love it), it seems to be her favorite location light but the thing is a beast. 

★✰★sin(theta) = a★✰★'s picture

nice shots...models...skin hated for it to end!