The Wednesday Rundown 10.26.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a nice clothing line shoot done in Dumbo NY, a great location. Since it is that time of the season we have a shoot done on an apple farm. It turns out very good using only natural light. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Clothing Line Shoot:
Lara Jade shoots a fashion shoot at one of my favorite locations in NYC. This spot is right under the Brooklyn bridge and captures the models in one of the best views of Manhattan. See more of her work at .

The Fold from James Zanoni on Vimeo.

Landscape Shoot:

Watch as Conor MacNeill shows us how much patience it takes to get the shot. Conor waits for the perfect conditions as the fog and light reaches his liking. It is an amazing final photo!!!

Conor MacNeill - On Location at Lake Bled from TheFella Photography on Vimeo.

Farm Shoot:

VanDyke photography takes a trip out to the farm for a Mrs. Appleseed shoot. A very natural and tastefully done shoot. Maybe a great idea to try next time you take that good looking girl apple picking this season. Click here to see more final pictures.

Mrs. Appleseed Behind the Scenes from Lukas VanDyke on Vimeo.

Music Shoot:

A lot of us wonder how do you knock out a rap shoot. Here it is raw with a couple of artist. Todd Spoth picks out a great location with an industrial feel for the group.


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oh man, my brain farted acid gas after watching that rap video. was that even english?

The landscape video is very slow. The shots at the end are amazing though!

What happened?! I look forward for Wednesday's rundown. Today none of these picks did it for me. Sorry.

shawn cooper's picture

I love the Wed Rundown and look forward to it every week. Being a daily visitor the fstoppers I stay current on the BTS and any other content posted. For the Wed Rundowns could we get new content (stuff that has not already been posted on the site)?


I agree Fernando

Mark Beaumont's picture

Guys, I'm sure it can't be easy coming up with great videos week after week, but if this is the level, maybe its time to stop.

I've been sending them a lot of cool links but the only one they posted is the dude wearing the camera costume. I think they are getting flooded with videos from people or they are really trying to appeal to a certain audience. Maybe those of us who don't like these types of clips are not the majority but we may be the minority. I don't like wedding videos or low budget type fashion shoots with ugly clothes. Sometimes other people DO like those videos. 

We forget these guys are working photographers and probably don't have as much time as we think. I love this site and I visit it hourly (I have a lot of time) and I have found many cool links because of this site. There is good and there is bad. I'm sure running a site like this could be hard.  

This isn't the ONLY site like this out there, but it is the ONLY one I actually feel like the owners give a crap about the people that visit it. So out of respect I just don't bomb on these guys because they are doing a good job to me. Now do they post some wack videos.........YEAHHHHHPPP, but do they also post some good stuff too................yeaaaaaaahhp.

Just hang in there.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks for the feedback dudes. It was a rough last week.