The Wednesday Rundown 11.09.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have an amazing photo shoot from a Vogue photographer. Her behind the scenes video of a Native American styled shoot is a must see. Check out the other fashion shoots that were posted also. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Elegant Shoot:

Trever Hoehne takes us on a beautiful shoot with a model. The waredrobe selection was perfectly chosen for this shoot. The final images are amazing.

Anna Nelson Behind the Scenes from Trever Hoehne on Vimeo.

Vintage Shoot:

Photographer Josh Yu takes his model out into the forest for a vintage shoot. He uses a variety of props to bring out the scene in the woods.

J.YU Photo Shoot with Model, Nicky Smith (2011) from Billy Moon on Vimeo.

Fashion Shoot:

With a simple white background and two lights, Rodney shows us what he and his crew can knock out. He switches between two models in various poses and keeps the lighting the same through the shoot. The final images scroll by at the end.

Rodney Alan: Behind the Scenes look from Rodney Alan on Vimeo.

Native American Fashion Shoot:

This is an amazing shoot! Emily Soto shows us how to take an idea to the next level. With a simple Native American theme Emily picks the perfect environment and colors for this shoot. Her final images are stunning.

Fashion Shoot- Steady as the Beating Drum- Emily Soto Photography from Emily Soto on Vimeo.

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all the videos had great results, i hate the second one for choice of song (the original would've been a million times better)

the last video is by far my favoriteand overall i'm missing explanations of creative process and such, some speech somewhere in there.... although i'm not sure i could follow this early in the morning anyways :)

overall good intro to my morning :)

Emily is dope. Her post work is sickness. I like this woman's work. And why is that girl wearing cowboy boots with a dress in that video with the picture frames? 

Amazing work overall. Love the locations and the final work. Emily Soto's work is very inspiring. 

Great job on these! Thanks for the posts Jerrit.

Stuart's picture

I agree that Emily Soto's final images are fab. What's that light she's using in every shoot, a large beauty dish with a portable battery pack? Seems to have an Alien Bees head, but the dish isn't smooth on the outside like those I've seen.

That beauty dish is a Mola. They have a good blog also.

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Thanks Tom, digging further it has an Alien Bee head (1600 and 800) with a Vagabond battery pack, must say I like the look, would be interested to see some info on her post prod work.

It would be nice to know why the photographer chose a particular light/modifier combination.  Like for the Emily Soto video.  Why was a beauty dish used as opposed to a softbox or a couple softboxes or some gridded strip lights? I know sometimes it's trial and error and you want to see how things will turn out but when you're on the clock and the client is paying for your time and the model's, you don't have the luxury of experimenting.  You have know what you want and what light is going to get you there.

I really like all the BTS stuff but occasionally it would be nice to hear them say 'I went with this ring light because or I went with a 36" octagon light and a gridded strip light because..."

I know I would use a beauty dish over say a softbox or an umbrella on location cause the beauty dish doesn't require assembly, is much heavier so it handles wind more easily, gives enough light output for head shots to full body shots and the light has a nice punch to it. But I know I would also bring a softbox and an umbrella too cause you never know...

Thanks for picking our behind the scenes video!

Thanks for posting ours!! It's pretty crazy because my inspiration for "The Missing Frame" was Emily Soto's "Enchanted Forest"

what kind of lightformer is this in emilys video? it is like a big beauty-dish. beautiful light and great video!

Edit: I think it is the 28" Mola, but the inner diffusor and if it is silver or white is not visible.