The Wednesday Rundown 4.6.2011

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. The past couple of weeks I have been surrounded by photos of urban decay. I love seeing photos of the past fading away but still being able to see the beauty shinning through. New York contains tons of these places. How hard is it to get in the places and really how much trouble can you get into? The videos this week are not photo shoots, however they are videos of the beauty people have found in places they should not be. I would have to believe some of the crowd here at fstoppers would have some good stories on this topic. Please share stories and the photos you snag while being in places you should have not been. Fstoppers does not legally condone tresspassing, I might have done it once or twice, but please share some good unique photos. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Urban Decay Photo shoot:
This is a very odd shoot and the model gets a bit weird. However from the shoot I can take that they have sneaked into this building for the shoot.

Pilgram State Hospital:
I have been on the grounds of this place and it creeps me out big time! I have taken some photos outside the grounds but nothing inside. It is still an active hospital with some buildings shut down. Check out the inside photo taken in this video.

Abondoned House Shoot:
Check out the video / shoot done at a abandoned house.

Undercity by Steve Duncan
Awesome Exploration Video of NYC's Subways

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That Steve Duncan video is really nice! :)

Thanks again for another good Wednesday Rundown. I must ask Fstoppers: Is there a video or writing that you can produce which speaks of your humble beginnings of shooting on a location or without a studio? Were the shoots done at a friends house or did you cold call locations for permission to shoot there? And if you brought a client, friend or model for personal work to a spot which was't exactly a $10,000 a day location, how did you convince them you were professional.

Personally, my work-around-the-issue, has been to make my business model a "bring the studio quality experience to you." I'd shoot at parks or pre scouted parts of the city or, if I succeeded n making the client comfortable in me and my work, I would shoot in their home. The drawback is: when the weather gets cold, wet, snowy, the location shooting rarely happens and if I don't build their confidence ( or if they just don't want me in their home) it just doesn't happen.

I find that this subject is often eluded but plays a vital role for photographers: all the tools, the practice and finally a few opportunities and... well... where do we actually shoot the darn thing?

Thank you for you time.

Lee Morris's picture

I think that is a great idea for a video but I have to be honest with you... I still have this problem. I do have a studio (you saw it in the iPhone Fashion Shoot) but it is in my garage in my house. I never let real clients come over because I don't feel like it is a professional environment. If you want a really studio I say just rent it when you need it otherwise shoot on location.

You will be surprised at how quickly studio shooting will get boring as soon as you own one.

Martin Jensen's picture

True that!

I very much prefer location shooting as well and couldn't see myself caught in a studio all the time. I just had to ask. I'm grateful for your reply and honesty, Lee. That's why you and everyone else involved at fstoppers are a real benefit to those working hard and making art.

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The Steve Duncan video is long, but totally worth it ! The best video of the rundown !

UNDERCITY is absolutely amazing!

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Hello Nicholas,

This is a great question that I think every photographer has started with. I borrow a lot of gear and in NYC renting gear isn't a issue. It all depends how pro you want to look. I have also found some places that let you rent studio space by the hour, they are not to crazy at all. Here is a place we posted about a few months back. . Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much, Jerrit.

undercity is amazing this guy takes going forgotten places to a whole new level thats so amazing
and the suspense in the video is also great climbing the bridge must have been such an adrenaline rush

I might sound rude, but abandoned warehouse shoot i had to stop it after 1 whats with the colors and those not pro and maybe my pictures suck but what the hell is that....sorry i might be rude, didnt mean to be rude though