The Wednesday Rundown 5.4.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a great video from the University of Montana. They produce a shoot profiling four seniors that are graduating in the next few weeks. Check out the amazing shoot Zach worked up for Indiana University. He has a great lighting setup. Be sure to throw up a vote on our poll at the bottom of the WR page. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Team Indiana Elite Shoot:

Zach walks us through his solid shoot with Indiana University. He uses a dramatic lighting set up to capture some amazing pictures of the runners. To see more of Zach's work check out his website

University of Montana: Final Photos

The final weeks for college students are quickly approaching. The UofM's newspaper, The Montana Kaimin, produced a shoot profiling four graduating seniors. The shoot incorporates the student's extra curricular actives and their major. Congrats to all the seniors! Read more about the seniors at the newspaper's website

Class of 2011 from Montana Kaimin on Vimeo.

Production Shoot:

Miss Aniela invites us in to the studio to see what ten photographers , five models and a creative team can produce. The location of this shoot is amazing. This studio has such a great atmosphere to inspire some very unique shots. To learn more about the shoot check out the blog post.

Miss Aniela Production Shoot Experience, April 11 from Miss Aniela on Vimeo.

Band Shoot:

The Given Motion teams up with Rick Wenner to produce a band shoot. The shoot location provides for a breath taking view of Manhattan. Rick does a great job capturing the natural light in the pictures. Check out more of Rick's work

Behind The Scenes :: The Given Motion from Rick Wenner on Vimeo.

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Lee Morris's picture

Already shot Bon Jovi, don't want to shoot a small child, can't shoot myself... Vanilla Ice it is

Marvin Hagemeister's picture

Voted for "The Fstoppers crew jamming out on Rock Band". Just imagine how much fun that would be! :D

Lee Morris's picture

I am a machine on drums ;)

The Fstoppers crew jamming out on Rock Band, is in the lead by a large %. We may have to shoot that some time. That is after the trauma of Patrick as an all Japanese girl band fades.

Yay back to photo shoots, I appreciate the variety of subjects that have been posted in the recent Wed rundowns, but i have missed seeing other peoples lighting setups and behind the scenes. Big thumbs up.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

thanks for the feed back Christopher.

Here is the deal, Patrick can dance, that boy can tear up those dance games on xbox. I've seen him beat Bieber fans one after the other. Bieber? Seriously, that isn't a band, thats what you call a bad idea.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

he has band hair....

The first two videos don't have the best light imho >__>

God I'm tired of people ripping on Justin Bieber. I'm actually exhausted seeing his name used in a negative light. At this point it's just a band wagon movement to hate him. You know what? I have friends who've done shoots with him, know a girl who was in a music video with him and I have never heard anything but good. He's a nice kid who's trying to pursue his personal passion. He has a massively avid fan-base and is out there living his dream. Stop berating the kid.