The Wednesday Rundown 9.7.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a video from Dave on Astro Timelapse. A very cool instructional video that everyone should try out. We also have one of the best light painting videos I have seen. Check out the videos being posted for the contest BTS Contest forum. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Astro Timelapse:

Dave takes us on a camping trip with his family and provides us the steps to create a stunning timelapse. He talks about issues he ran into and how he overcame them. His final video is solid. Check out his write up for more details.

Light Painting:

This is the best light painting video I have seen. Honestly most of the time this technique turns out cheesy. The final images that turn out with this are mind blowing.

Behind the Black Curtain. How we light paint in total darkness. from Patrick Rochon on Vimeo.

Football Shoot:

A shoot for a class on over powering the sun. I very fun looking shoot with some dramatic final photos. Fitting for the upcoming season start of the NFL. Oh yeah GO Cowboys!

making of American Football team photo shoot by from Igor Alekseev on Vimeo.

One Light:

Jeroen takes us into the woods for a one light photo shoot. He shoots a girl with a single softbox and a little sunlight. The video and editing bring out the elegance of the woods.

Jorieke Heerink Photoshoot - Behind The Scenes from Erik Journee on Vimeo.

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Any idea what those light sticks they are using for that lightpainting video?

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I have no idea. Looked like they had a ton of different lights for different effects. 

^ what he said. I want those!! 

Jeff Todd's picture

I use florescent tube shop lights. Just print your gels on 11x17 transparencies and tape them to the lights. They are low volts so they play nice with inverters.

Jerrit, thanks for mentioning my time lapse video here!

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

No problem, I took a slider out camping with me this weekend and still didn't do any timelapse. I am kicking myself now. 

Where is it that you downloaded your in-camera intravolometer? I need it for a Nikon D80. 

The light painting video is pretty neat, nice job. And woot for the Montreal accent ! :P