Kansas City Pushes Back Against Photographers

If you photograph portraits, chances are you have a preferred public (perhaps private) space that captures your imagination. But what if your favorite spot didn't want you there anymore?

Seven Lesser Known Lightroom Shortcuts

I've seen a lot of Lightroom tutorials and tips videos; most seem to cover the same few shortcuts. Mark Denney covers some great lesser known features in this video, including a tip for changing the spot removal selection I've never seen before.

Why Makeup Matters in a Portrait Shoot

When shooting a portrait, we focus on the lighting, the model, the equipment, and the accessories, but one factor often overlooked is the importance of a professional makeup artist. Quality makeup elevates the output. In this video, Gavin Hoey emphasizes how a professional makeup artist brings a difference to a portrait shoot.

When and Where to Get a Model for a Photoshoot and How Much to Pay

When you're getting into genres of photography that require working with models, navigating the landscape of who to hire, when to pay, and more can be a bit confusing. This great video will tell you exactly when you should pay for a model, when you should offer a trade, and where to find them.

Tips for Reducing Event Day Anxiety

Experiencing bouts of anxiety when working fast paced events like a wedding is quite commonplace, clearly there is a lot riding on you the photographer. Truthfully a lot of that stress, we tend to create for ourselves. Let me explain how with thoughtful preparation ahead of time, I minimize to an extent those periods of uneasiness.

Seven Reasons Why Flash Portraits Are Better Than Natural Light

If you're serious about improving your Portraits, then pull your seat in a little closer. Because in this article you’re about to discover 7 compelling reasons why, using flash is much better for your Portraits than just regular natural light. But first, can I ask you a question?

The Photoshop Secret that Will Change the Way You Edit Color

It seems simple, changing a colored object to black in Photoshop, until you try it. If you’ve ever had a Photoshop fail when attempting to convert color to realistic, pure black, and you're looking for a solution, you’re in the right place.

How to Produce 65mm Sensor Sized 12k Footage With a Super 35mm Camera

Most of have probably created a panorama at some point by stitching several images together. Some of you may have even tried the Brenizer method to mimic the look and feel of a larger sensor. I wonder, how many of you have stitched video clips together to mimic large-format cinema cameras?

Understanding the Differences Between Raw and JPEG

You have likely heard that you should capture your images in raw rather than JPEG, but do you understand why? Here is an explanation of the advantages of shooting in each mode and why raw is the way to go for an amateur photographer.

When to Not Use a Polarizer in Landscape Photography

Using a polarizer in landscape photography is often advised. And with reason: colors will be enhanced, reflections in water and on the leaves can be removed, and skies can turn deep blue. But it is not advisable to use a polarizer as a standard filter, because there are situations when it can turn against you.

A Few Tips to Make Your Photos Stand Out Among the Fstoppers Community

The Fstoppers community is full of talented photographers producing images beyond the average photographer’s capabilities. When you view them all together in a gallery, there are certain things that make excellent photographs stand out beyond the mass of above-average images being shared regularly. Here’re a few of the things that catch my eye.

Landscape Photography Should Be About Adventure, Not Trophies

Landscape photography used to be about discovering new places and creating incredible images that no one had seen before. Nowadays, it feels like it's more about checking the location tag of something spotted on Instagram and photographing a scene that has already been shot to death.

Now Is the Perfect Time for a Flickr Comeback

I suspect that many of you can relate when I say that Flickr will always hold a special place in my heart. When I think about the photo-sharing platform founded in 2004, I am filled with nostalgia of a time when things were simpler and arguably better for photographers looking to share their work and find a community of like-minded creatives.

How to Make the Jump From Amateur to Professional Photographer

Making the jump from amateur to professional photographer can be both an exciting and scary thing, and it’s important to know how to do everything correctly. Make sure you do all these things before you open for business.

How to Take Horrible Landscape Photographs

One of the best ways to know how to take good photos is to know what makes for a terrible photo. This hilarious video will show you how to take terrible landscape photos so you know what makes for a good landscape photo.

The RED Hydrogen One: Disappointing, Overpriced, and Mediocre

RED is a company that's known for making some of the best cinema cameras currently in production. They're known for producing super-high-resolution cameras, but they're also known for their eye-watering price tags. RED has recently produced their first ever smartphone, and so far, the reviews don't look great.

Gura Gear's Triumphant Return: New Kiboko Backpacks Launched

My favorite bags are back: Gura Gear has introduced, or I should say reintroduced their Gura Gear Kiboko bags. Now on version 2.0, they look to bring back everything that made the originals so highly regarded, and they are available for preorder now.

Improve How Your Images Look on Instagram Using Photoshop

Do your photographs on Instagram not look as good as they do on your computer screen? Are you looking for something to improve the look of your photos on Instagram? Well, watch this video to improve their appearance on Instagram.

Winner of the Flashlight Photo Challenge

At the beginning of October, I challenged photographers to make amazing photographs using only a flashlight, and the winning image is a testament to the creativity of the Fstoppers community.

Five Steps to Photography Greatness

A chilly September morning. The crispness in the air added weight to the solemn moment. My composition was all figured out. I patiently waited for the final elements to come into place.

Why Networking With Other Photographers Is Important

Running a photography business can be a lonely job. When you take the plunge into running a small business full-time, you quickly realize how solitary the work can be. Here’s why it’s so important to meet and build relationships with other photographers.

Realizations From the Other Side of the Camera Lens

A little over a month ago, I got married. Now that the dust has settled, I thought I might share some realizations I had from being on the other side of the camera lens for a change.

Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony Go Head to Head in This Color Science Battle

Color science is something that pops up in camera debates from time to time. We all hear about how amazing Canon's colors are or maybe a little bit of smack talk towards Sony's color rendition, etc. Tony Northrup recently decided to apply the scientific method to the big four camera brands (Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony) to see who really has the best color, and the results honestly surprised me a lot.

The Rise of the Android Camera?

Can the smartphone camera leverage the capabilities of the rapidly developing, open source and hugely capable Android operating system to displace traditional firmware? Will this finally integrate camera and computational platform? One manufacturer thinks it might have the answer.

Get a Great Deal on an Excellent and Affordable Canon L Series Lens

Canon's L series lenses are known for being high quality, durable optics that produce stunning image quality, but their prices tend to be quite high. However, I've always thought this Canon L lens is very well priced, and with this great deal, it's a total steal.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Camera Gear?

Photographers and videographers tend to pay a lot of attention to their gear and what new and exciting products are on the market, but knowing if it's time to upgrade is a different matter. This great video examines that topic and how you'll know if it's that time.

Refined Power: Fstoppers Reviews the 2018 12.9-Inch Apple iPad Pro

When I reviewed the iPad Pro last year, I was impressed by its power, beautiful screen, battery life, and portability. The 2018 version of the device takes what Apple had last year and refines it further, introducing new features and improvements. Check out our review of the newest iPad Pro.

Liquifying Your Boudoir Images: Less Is More

When it comes to liquify, less is usually best. Unless you have a model or client who specifically asks for heavy shaping, chances are you are going to have an unhappy client if this tool is overly used.

Ansel Adams: Photographing With Intention

When you get beyond shutter speed, f-stop, ISO, and the other settings that distracts you from focusing on the photograph, there is a “next step” in all photographers' journeys.

Artists Create Giant Aurora Alien Cats

While we are inundated with beautiful images of the northern lights online and on social media, I think it's safe to say you've never seen aurora art like this before.

The Newly Announced Leica Q-P: Understated Excellence?

As a company, Leica Camera is one of the more reserved brands. They understand their respective market and also understand what kind of cameras appeal to their customer base. Their latest camera, the Leica Q-P, continues this by offering a high-quality, compact full frame camera in a more discreet body.

Why Instagram is Crucial to Lead Generation for Photographers

There is a lot of debate within the photo community on the importance of a social media presence. As social media has increasingly evolved as an essential in daily life, it’s time for photographers to stop fighting against the current. No matter your niche, there is value in participating in an online presence. Instagram is a particularly important tool for photographers to generate leads.

A Smarter Way to Recover Shadows and Highlights

Maybe you're one who prefers a strong HDR process, perhaps you'd rather stick to simply adjusting the highlights and shadows sliders in Lightroom, or just maybe you want a little bit more control over your image. Well, fortunately for you, and thanks to Nino Batista, here is a fantastic tutorial for harnessing such control.

The Future of Creativity: Fstoppers’ Exclusive Interview With Apple and Adobe

It’s an awfully exciting time to be a creative, as the tools we use are becoming more portable, more powerful, and more connected. Fstoppers sat down with Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, and Scott Belsky, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President of Creative Cloud, to discuss how new tools are empowering creatives and where the future will take us.